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an empirical doctrine that advocates experimental principles

an orientation that favors experimentation and innovation

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Heile looks at how American and European attitudes toward experimentalism influenced Kagel.
As the 1960s approached, Darmstadt's premier position as the only major venue for new music was on the wane: Beal outlines the growing variety of outlets and promoters for American experimentalism in West Germany, including Mary Bauermeister's studio in Cologne, Radio Bremen's Pro Musica Nova Festival under Hans Otte, and the German Academic Exchange Service's Berlin Artist Program.
imprint in 1994, the three-CD collection Destroy All Monsters, 1974-1976 is an archival grab bag comprising some 210 minutes of free-form experimentalism mastered from, as Moore recalls in the April 1995 issue of Orbit, "a shoebox full of old Woolworth quality cassettes.
The Beta Band have found a way to keep the trademark quirkiness and experimentalism yet move forward commercially, consequently creating a work that will be a comfort to students and romantics through the long autumn evenings.
However, he has also paid for the excesses of his experimentalism with works in which true emotions and sincere passions are missing.
The Hit Parade is the full complement of Wellerdom from his fiery first shots of anger with The Jam through the experimentalism of The Style Council and onto the everrejuvenating solo career.
The sadistic setup is funny enough--the fetishizing close-ups of the dentist's tools recall Hitchcock--but the film's handmade experimentalism makes it memorable.
Long Was The Year and current single Come On Let's Go were two of many songs which sublimely captured Trish Keenan's detached-yet-emotive Nancy Sinatra-like tones and the instinctive experimentalism of her accomplices.
The well-conceived collection The Stubborn Porridge and Other Stories, with excellent translations by Zhu Hong, Jeanne Tai, Perry Link, and others, interspersed with some noticeably more awkward renditions, is wonderful fuel for debate about Wang Meng's literary-political strategies and the sincerity of his experimentalism.
Its claims about hysteria--that it was an anxious misogynist concoction; that it construed the female subject as a fundamentally pathological subject; that it did violence to the subjects that it created, objectified, and spectacularized; that as such it gave birth to Freud, the discipline of psychoanalysis, the power of the analyst, and the topic of the unconscious, out of the very regime of positivist empiricism and experimentalism that the unconscious subverts and psychoanalysis inverts--are important for the history of psychology, psychoanalysis, psychoanalytic criticism, and feminism.
They discuss such topics as the computational context of literary writing, language, narrativity, cognition, poetry, experimentalism, the poetic dimensions and possibilities of language in electronic literature, the development of literary hypertext, the aesthetics of presence, electronic reading, literary databases, and works like Raymond QueneauAEs A hundred thousand billion poems and Lance OlsenAEs 10:01.
It's a strange brew, summoning the hedonism and experimentalism of their 60s West Coast forebears Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa and the 13th Floor Elevators while channeling the musical dogma of krautrock's Can and Amon Duul II.
Mahfouz was an innovator in the use of the Arabic language; he also embodied the whole development of the Arabic novel, starting with historical novels in the late 1940s, through realism, through experimentalism and so on.
Vallejo has his own unique brand of Latin-American experimentalism with a Kafkaesque flair.
Already part of New York's burgeoning art rock scene, the first Velvet Underground album in 1967 introduced a previously unknown level of experimentalism to a wider audience.
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