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(statistics) a variable whose values are independent of changes in the values of other variables

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While students in our college-level introductory biology courses for majors can list the steps of the scientific method, a majority are uncertain about designing a controlled experiment and fail to understand the impact of the experimental variables on the result of the experiment (Grunwald & Hartman, 2010).
Models 2 through 8 include the control variable plus one experimental variable each.
595 Experimental Variable Big 6 auditor = 1 (dummy variable) 0.
From Table 2, one can see that there is a weak main effect attributable to the experimental variable N, F(4, 20) = 5.
This study employed a control-group factorial design, with the presence or absence of the intervention as the experimental variable (condition) and with content (social studies or science), classroom type (heterogeneous or homogeneous) and student type (mainstreamed or nonmainstreamed) as moderator variables.
The reliability of the Rorschach weighted color responses was used as the experimental variable to study r max, because a number of split-half reliability estimations already have been computed.
The initial velocity of the reaction is the best indicator of the effect of an experimental variable.
Although some differences did occur between the workshops, for all intents and purposes the length of the workshop became the experimental variable.
When the experimental variable -- fertilizer tax -- is introduced to the model, resources such as labor and capital from the food and feed grain sectors move to the livestock and oilseed sectors.
Using statistical analysis to compare groups, it is possible to quickly pinpoint biochemical perturbations related to the experiment--be it a drug, a disease state, a dietary change, or other experimental variable.
e, cantaloupe has not been reported earlier for the preparation of biodiesel, four different homogeneous basic catalysts were reported in literature that furnish maximum yield of biodiesel were also studied, along with three other experimental variables.
Nevertheless, there was not much difference in the removal percentage of DDT throughout the selected range of experimental variables.
In addition, they may stress the cells creating additional experimental variables.
Without this ability to control experimental variables, the results of research projects are put in question, leading to skepticism about their conclusions.
The number of experimental variables in a polymorphic screening has to be carefully defined.
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