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Synonyms for experimental

Synonyms for experimental

constituting a tentative model for future experiment or development

Synonyms for experimental

relying on observation or experiment

of the nature of or undergoing an experiment

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In this sense were made experimental study on more buildings from SC Colorom SA Codlea or SC Celohart SA Zarnesti.
This investigator-initiated experimental study was designed and conducted by an investigator in Europe.
Results from this experimental study revealed that teachers rarely changed their teaching strategies when placed in smaller classes.
Quasi-experiments may be used when practical or ethic concerns prevent researchers from using an experimental study.
Tokyo, Japan, Aug 9, 2005 - (JCNN) - Breweries will start an experimental study of biomass ethanol in collaboration with the National Agricultural Research Center for Kyushu Okinawa Region (KONARC).
The only previous experimental study of specific information in bird alarm calls found that chickens cluck warnings for danger from above that differ from warnings for danger on the ground.
Experts were shocked by the high nicotine levels found in a child's room during an experimental study - even though a cigarette was never smoked there.
It is an experimental study and collects data when the children are 14, 24, and 36 months and the spring before they enter kindergarten.
however, this new experimental study shows we need to pay closer attention to the intrinsic abilities of the air pollution particles to induce asthma.
In "Numerical Simulations and Experimental Study of Gassing Cycle in Gold Box Sand Coremaking Process" (03-066), presenters SI.
Reevaluation of maxillary sinus surgery: Experimental study in rabbits, Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol 1989;98:901-6.
This talks presents the result of an experimental study of the lifting force of airplane wings.
An experimental study by Arbitron in three metropolitan areas shows strong listening habits among children in three age categories: 68, 9-11, and 12-17.
Experimental Study of the Short-Term Creep Behavior of CFRP Strengthened Mortar under Compressive Loading
Ie, Continuously Monitored By Gc Ultra Gas Chromatograph Lot 9 Stand Experimental Study of Thermal Energy Storage Systems Biphasic Lot 10 Platform for Controlling Nonlinear Systems Lot 11 Experimental Stand Wind Generator Lot 12 Digital Electromagnetic Transient Power System Simulator
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