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Synonyms for experimental

Synonyms for experimental

constituting a tentative model for future experiment or development

Synonyms for experimental

relying on observation or experiment

of the nature of or undergoing an experiment

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The batteries current of the experimental study of regenerative braking is presented in Fig.
Bone healing pattern in surgically created circumferential defects around submerged implants: an experimental study in dog.
Hence human performance in information searching tasks is modelled to be most affected by poor HMI design and poor mental model and an experimental study regarding this model shows poor HMI design affect more than poor mental model on operator's performance (perception success) this study.
Conclusions derived from xenodiagnosis performed on field-derived animals differ from those that are obtained by an experimental study.
The authors consider various methods of experimental study of thermal and calorie properties of pure substances and binary mixtures in wide ranges of variation of independent variables, including the near-critical region.
Experimental Study of the Short-Term Creep Behavior of CFRP Strengthened Mortar under Compressive Loading
Ie, Continuously Monitored By Gc Ultra Gas Chromatograph Lot 9 Stand Experimental Study of Thermal Energy Storage Systems Biphasic Lot 10 Platform for Controlling Nonlinear Systems Lot 11 Experimental Stand Wind Generator Lot 12 Digital Electromagnetic Transient Power System Simulator
For example, a five-month experimental study investigated the effectiveness of the LeapTrack Assessment & Instruction System among 533 students from across 42 grade 1-4 classrooms in Oakland, California.
Numerical Simulations and Experimental Study Gassing Cycle in Cold Box Sand Coremaking Process (03-066)
Now the first experimental study to consider the question suggests a manes condition advertises high-quality mates to picky females and wards off male adversaries.
This experimental study took place in Corlu Private Trakya College.
Through an experimental study, this article quantifies the effect of the Bi-Sr interaction on the Al-Si eutectic reaction using thermal analysis to characterize solidification and metallography to characterize the resulting morphology of the Si phase.
Nevertheless, he applauds Weeks' work as the first experimental study of oxpeckers.
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