experimental psychology

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the branch of psychology that uses experimental methods to study psychological issues

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It could be argued, therefore, that experimental psychology individualises social problems by failing to realise that there is a social component to mental illness (Boyle, 2004).
For Part III of psychological testing system for the needs of the Department of Experimental Psychology - Appendix 3 hereto,
However, these specific contents of learning may be established through associative or rule-based mechanisms, and no conclusions with respect to the kind of mechanisms used by participants to establish this content may be extracted from the data reported here (for a review see the special issue on human contingency learning of the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 2007).
As a student, he was passionately involved in research in experimental psychology and neuropsychology, working closely with Dr.
A study published in a recent issue of the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology suggests that forgetting the reason for entering a room is a common occurrence with a plausible scientific explanation.
After obtaining a BSc in Experimental Psychology in 1976, he also gained an MSc in Neurophysiology in 1981 and a PhD from London Guildhall University on 'the gustatory system of cypinoid fish'in 1987.
Our students have gained places in subjects such as medicine, law, veterinary science, experimental psychology, English, music, dentistry, politics, philosophy and economics at universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, St Andrew's, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Southampton and many other leading universities.
Holly, who lives with her family in Gosforth, will read experimental psychology at Queens College, Oxford.
In a study, researchers from the nutrition and behaviour unit in the School of Experimental Psychology at the University of Bristol have been exploring ways in which memory and attention influence appetite and food intake.
She graduated from University of Rochester with a BA in psychology, followed by an MA and a PhD from Columbia University in experimental psychology.
Liam is now going to read law at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and Anna is going to study experimental psychology at St Anne's College, Oxford.
Artistic director McGregor, a former research fellow at the department of experimental psychology at Cambridge and current resident choreographer for The Royal Ballet, collaborates with scientists, artists and composers to push the boundaries of contemporary dance.
In the debate over the legitimacy of biographical readings of Proust's work, Bizub clearly positions himself from the outset and goes on to demonstrate the determinant role of the father in Proust's acquaintance with the latest developments in experimental psychology.
abs, Proceedings of the American Psychological Association, Div 21 Experimental Psychology and Human Engineering.
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