experimental procedure

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the specific techniques used in conducting a particular experiment

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In order to investigate the interactions taking place between bitumen and polymer during the hot mixing, a blend based on 100 parts of bitumen and 13 parts of SBS copolymer was prepared at different mixing times, using the apparatus and the experimental procedure previously described.
However, they have contacted federal regulators overseeing the experimental procedure to begin the hospital discharge process.
Shutt (Adam Arkin) is performing an unauthorized, experimental procedure on an old friend's brain, one of those really cool operations in which the patient is not only likely to die anyway, but the insurance company won't pay.
This article describes the experimental procedure and reports our evaluations and conclusions.
New York, March 24 (ANI): An experimental procedure has raised hopes of being a new way to decrease fatty deposits under the skin by applying cold temperatures.
2] Certain trade names and company products are mentioned in the text or identified in an illustration in order to adequately specify the experimental procedure and equipment used.
Transplantation "is not an experimental procedure anymore," says study coauthor O.
Multiple sclerosis (MS) patients may get some relief from severe fatigue from an experimental procedure to open blocked blood vessels in the chest and neck, suggests preliminary Stanford University research being presented at the 23rd annual International Symposium on Endovascular Therapy (ISET).
Hope is what gave me the drive to face the battle of walking after my injuries left me paralyzed from the waist down," remembers Cochran, whose ability to walk was restored after doctors performed an experimental procedure at the Nashville VA Medical Center in Tennessee.
Currently, using stents to treat acute stroke is an experimental procedure of last resort, used when all other methods have failed.
where VA physicians and doctors from nearby Vanderbilt University Medical Center performed an experimental procedure on his spine that enabled Cochran to walk again.
The second fertilization produced a much more powerful response because of slight changes in experimental procedure and natural conditions.
Left behind as his friends depart for college, Jamie opts for an experimental procedure that promises a return to normalcy.
Novilase is FDA-cleared for this indication and is not an experimental procedure.
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