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Synonyms for experimental

Synonyms for experimental

constituting a tentative model for future experiment or development

Synonyms for experimental

relying on observation or experiment

of the nature of or undergoing an experiment

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The ideal measurement method for experimental animals would be accurate and would not require excessive contact, restraint, or handling.
The Animal Feed segment manufactures and sells mixed feeds for chickens, pigs, cows, fish, experimental animals and tiger prawn.
Erdal Karagoz, head of the research team with the Kocaeli University Stem Cell Research Center, on Monday told the Anadolu Agency that the insulin producing cell was created by using a pancreatic stem cell, saying that the method had been successfully tested on experimental animals.
Erika Sasaki of the Central Institute for Experimental Animals in Kanagawa, Japan, and her colleagues engineered the marmosets to make green fluorescent protein in all the cells of their bodies, including eggs and sperm.
When a woman's dead body is found in a famous neurological research institute's refrigerator, which usually contains only the corpses of experimental animals, Police Lieutenant Carmine Delmonico is called to investigate.
Phytoestrogens have had a modest positive impact on bone tissue and on the development of osteoporosis in experimental animals.
The welfare of experimental animals at The University of Edinburgh is overseen by an ethical review process.
Brussels said it was planning to revise the 1986 directive on the protection of experimental animals.
ImmuneRegen's proposal references several past biological studies of Homspera including radiation studies, formalin exposure studies and viral studies, including exposure of experimental animals to Hong Kong influenza virus.
Based on the above reports on flavivirus shedding in humans and experimental animals and our detection of WNV RNA in human urine, we believe WNV may be shed in human urine during the course of infection.
When compared with control animals, it was discovered that hyperthyroidism was successfully induced in the experimental animals.
However, the institute currently conducts no research on spinal cord injuries in experimental animals.
In toxicology, a standard research approach is to see how much of an agent it takes to cause illness in experimental animals, then compare that dose to the dose that would be required to produce a similar reaction in humans.
Reproductive studies of experimental animals with lepirudin (Refludan) at doses 1.
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