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derived from experience or the experience of existence


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And since adult men who have been circumcised (I generalize from my own experience) do not have, nor are able to bring to consciousness, a distinct memory of the trauma, they are likely to be experientially neutral.
The term is not defined in a narrow sense but experientially.
where socialization and/or experiential indoctrination processes are reflective of an alien cosmology (as is the circumstance of most African-Americans today), to the extent that such an experience is experientially dominant (e.
The person who directs the nursing care in a nursing home needs to be prepared both educationally and experientially, on both a clinical and an administrative level.
By utilizing a high level of interactivity, these simulators enable managers to learn experientially.
Individuals with disabilities can grow toward independence when they can experientially discover their own key to freedom, which was so beautifully expressed by Dr.
As the discipline of bioethics matures and becomes a recognized part of medical and nursing practice, it is only fitting that a wider, more experientially based ethics will evolve.
His inimitable approach to design takes everyday objects from banal to extraordinary with an ethos that revolves around the betterment of our lives experientially, poetically and emotionally.
The College of Global Studies The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University is known internationally for academically sound and experientially rich study abroad programs.
s experientially based conceptualization challenging.
At one time conferences were rarely fun, but times have changed and our corporate clients certainly appreciate that the most effective way to deliver a message or share information is experientially, offering the delegate or guest the opportunity to experience firsthand a new product or campaign.
This installation art will be used to draw audiences into the festival experientially.
Meanwhile, the flickering landscape multiplies deliriously along a line of mirrors extending the screen onto the surrounding walls, involving the audience in the film both experientially as viewers, and as visual objects to be seen.
As the building rises, so it becomes physically and experientially lighter, reflected in the gradual tapering of the structural ribs.
SL has the ability to help students learn experientially from such real-life encounters, and so can better prepare them for these realities when they enter their profession.
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