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Synonyms for experience

Synonyms for experience

personal knowledge derived from participation or observation

to participate in or partake of personally

to be physically aware of through the senses


to undergo an emotional reaction

Synonyms for experience

the accumulation of knowledge or skill that results from direct participation in events or activities

the content of direct observation or participation in an event

have firsthand knowledge of states, situations, emotions, or sensations

go through (mental or physical states or experiences)



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Basically, it is acceptable in changes "where the experiencer of change intentionally and consciously desires the change, i.
Similarly to description-imagery, the situation of the reader is a communicative one rather than one of a direct (referential) experiencer.
An exploratory factor analysis on the 10 items resulted in four neatly separated factors in conformity with the conceptualized distinctions between and among strivers, experiencers, thinkers, and survivors.
Type 3 experiencer + verb of bodily reaction + past part.
Thus, a fan can be simultaneously or successively Experiencer, Analyst, Reporter, and Activist, and changes her/his role according to whether s/he is in the position of a Consumer or Producer.
marking of verbal arguments (addressee, (1) recipient, experiencer, arguments of derived verb forms .
The compare results of member search engines selection algorithm based on non-combined SEARCH STRATEGIES Solutions Coverage Recall Precision Ratio Ratio The best performance lower lower highest The fastest response lower lower higher Most Results higher higher higher User Experiencer lower lower higher All search engines highest highest lowest Solutions Response Resources Algorithm Time Consumption Complexity The best performance shorter Small highest The fastest response shortest small lower Most Results longer small lower User Experiencer shorter small lower All search engines longest heavy lowest
The construction of the body, the experiencer, the experienced content, valid experiencing, time, number, place and language are all engendered from the seminal permeation of language.
Thoreau undermines his claim by putting so much emphasis on the cultivation of experiences, which, whatever might be said about the correlation between the experiencer and the experience, are essentially invisible to the outsider.
Eliot and Mark Schorer, among others, refer to the alienation of the experience from the original experiencer, the author, as essential in artistic creation.
From our results it seems that selective attention is not only a property of every single experiencer or conceptualizer, but it also influences the very content of the concepts themselves.
Contemplation produces brain states not associated with ordinary consciousness, and the signatures left behind in the brain by such experiences indicate that the experiencer contacts a reality outside herself.
Consequently, split ergativity as a basic grammatical phenomenon does not belong here; however things like the Dative Experiencer constructions, which are usually explained in terms of predicate semantics, do fall under this definition.
While all experience is authentic and real for the experiencer, judgments about who is truly possessed ('the poor thing') and who is working out stress in an emotional catharsis ('to her health' they say afterwards) are common in the discursive world of trancers" (52).
To address thematic role information, we included "subject" to attempt to target the role of agent/ experiencer and "purpose" and item "used to carry out the action" to attempt to elicit features related to theme/ patient (of course, these features also are pertinent to eliciting lexical semantic information).