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We don't care about fixed pricing, all what we need is to determine a price ceiling for the products by the government, as low-income citizens are facing a problematic situation and cannot afford it anymore," Chairman of Anti Expensiveness Citizens' Association Mahmoud Askalany told Egypt Today.
Facilities and equipment###1) Shortage of vehicles and equipment, 2) Mismatch between input and goals, 3) Expensiveness and rareness of equipment
Perceived expensiveness and availability only moderate barriers to purchase.
Furthermore, these systems benefit greatly by their in expensiveness, portability and independence from specialized laboratory settings.
Many restaurateurs fear that replacing tipping with either service charges or higher service-inclusive menu prices will increase the actual or perceived expensiveness of their restaurants and, thereby, reduce sales.
Two other elements identified as important in a SI scalability stage, given its complexity and expensiveness (Smith & Stevens, 2010), are philanthropy and partnerships as a way of raising funds and, in the second case, gathering skills and access to new technologies.
The soil application of recommended dose of these fertilizers pose financially great pressure on the economy of the country due to their expensiveness, as well as soil application causes nutrient losses through leaching, volatilization and fixation.
To know the perception of respondents with regard to expensiveness of organic products 43 percent were strongly agreed, 30 percent agreed, 25 percent responded somewhat and just 2 percent disagreed that organic products are more expensive than inorganic products.
Earnings expectations on the other hand are still being revised downwards, adding to the perception of equities' expensiveness.
While global equity markets have recovered strongly from their February lows, receding fears on US and China growth, and further easing measures by European Central Bank (ECB) and Bank of Japan (BoJ) and the recovery in oil prices, a continuation of the rally would require stronger economic data and improved earnings momentum given global equities' expensiveness at present," said Denis.
Lack of basic infrastructure along with the expensiveness of means of transportation and communication is also contributing to industrial failure.
43) Barriers in rural health promotion include least priority to oral health by policy-makers, possibility of negligible risk to human life because of oral diseases, inadequate information about burden of oro-dental problems, expensiveness of oral treatments, lack of awareness in dental graduates in their responsibilities towards the society, underutilization of internship program by dental colleges, lack of resources to the fastest growing population, overlooking of geriatric population.
The expensiveness and lack of awareness are the major halting in the slow' adaptation of automotive solutions in Pakistan.
The same thing happens at the point of marginal expensiveness, where the number of people experiencing a product as too expensive is larger than the number of those experiencing the product as expensive.
Among the common problems in the matter of packaging in the studied region, we can generally mention expensiveness and high prices for empty boxes and also their low qualities.