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a written record of money spent

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If you are wondering how to best achieve just that, read on for some top tips to contemplate when managing your business expense records.
Included, for example, are articles of organization, profit and loss statements, and expense records.
The paper reviewed expense records from 59 out-of-town trips taken by about 50 officials from seven community colleges in Chicago's suburbs between 2003 and 2006.
A minimum of three-years' income and expense records, preferably those prepared by a certified public accountant.
The investment banking industry has not historically maintained detailed time and expense records allocated to the specific phases of an engagement.
Owners can use the software to organize critical income and expense records in one place.
And the mother in this scenario (me) keeps detailed financial, legal, and household expense records for decades, all neatly filed in clearly marked month-by-month, year-by-year accordion file folders.
An optional feature allows attorneys to create invoices from time and expense records.
Fund expense records for 2000 showed money was used for golf tournaments at El Caballero Country Club, Brookside Country Club and Braemar Country Club, Fantasea Charters & Event Production ocean dinner cruises out of Marina del Rey, Los Angeles Turf Club, Inc.
Response can also store such information as meeting notes and minutes, orders, invoices and expense records.
The Herald-Standard says it is pressuring DeWeese to keep his promise to make public the expense records of a $10.
Oh darling, I'd like to surrender my one-wrong-move philosophy, the slippery slope, the fears of unwed motherhood, botulism, poor expense records, impractical outer-garments.
Mr Hodgson said: 'A company would need to have documented expense records to justify such road usage.
Overall, at least 70 incumbents summoned two or more federally-paid Washington aides to their districts late in their campaigns, House expense records indicate.
Excellent expense records for easy financial due diligence.