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an account to which salespersons or executives can charge travel and entertainment expenses

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81 yen spent in expense account outlays to generate a revenue of 1,000 yen, the lowest figure since 1961 when it stood at 2.
Many taxpayers account for their meal and entertainment expenses in a single expense account.
Easy-to-Use Online Tools Help Consumers Better Manage Health Savings and Expense Accounts by Comparing Hospitals, Treatments, Doctors and Drug Costs
Imposing charges for every mile driven would ease congestion by pricing low-income drivers off roads, benefiting company directors on expense accounts.
For most sales reps, like I lofty expense accounts, company cars, base salaries between $40,000-$70,000 and bonuses of up to $30,000 don't come without a price.
274-5T(f)(5)(iii) cites post-expenditure review of employees' expense accounts as an internal control that should normally be employed.
As more organizations benefit from continued economic prosperity and have greater financial resources to devote to expense accounts, they're going to greater lengths to make a positive impression with business partners.
Does it in any way undermine incentive to require that for the trust placed in their hands (not to mention the presidential-size salaries, generous expense accounts, and tenured positions) fundraisers track where they go, who they see, and what contribution situations they discuss?
benefit expenses that are charged to a multitude of different manufacturing expense accounts.
But disgruntled MPs were right to say that newspapers were once known as a place where the drinks flowed freely thanks to generous expense accounts, or so I'm told.
MPs have used taxpayer-funded expense accounts to buy iPods, plasma TVs - and even a fish tank.
Unlike MPs, these professional people don't have creative expense accounts and have to buy their own toothbrushes and umbrellas.
The customer base attracting the high-end hotels has been corporate customers -- travelers ready to spend $100 a night on lodging and with the kinds of expense accounts that make restaurateurs salivate.
By the late 70s, the lobbyists ruled the roost with their credit cards and expense accounts, and I had to become an expert in finding bargain restaurants.
Git oot o' ma face, ya wee scunner - The expense accounts don't need auditing, sir