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an account to which salespersons or executives can charge travel and entertainment expenses

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5 lakh per hour plus service tax, would be put in the expense accounts of candidates.
The primary purpose of Advisory Opinion 2013-03A was to clarify the application of the plan asset rules to ERISA expense accounts.
But disgruntled MPs were right to say that newspapers were once known as a place where the drinks flowed freely thanks to generous expense accounts, or so I'm told.
On average, the expense accounts of the 48 top officials will see a 193 per cent increase, counting for e1/4563,053 in total increases.
By the late 70s, the lobbyists ruled the roost with their credit cards and expense accounts, and I had to become an expert in finding bargain restaurants.
Git oot o' ma face, ya wee scunner - The expense accounts don't need auditing, sir
benefit expenses that are charged to a multitude of different manufacturing expense accounts.
Does it in any way undermine incentive to require that for the trust placed in their hands (not to mention the presidential-size salaries, generous expense accounts, and tenured positions) fundraisers track where they go, who they see, and what contribution situations they discuss?
Nakada said the new measure will apply to requests from Monday for data about his expense accounts, including the identities of people who receive so-called ''sympathy payments'' and those entertained by the mayor.
All of which means that the appointment of current Art Institute of Chicago deputy director and curator of modern and contemporary art Neal Benezra, 48, to David Ross's old job as director of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (effective August 1) has nothing to do with correcting a trajectory of exceeded expense accounts, absentee management, a perception of uninterest on the part of many local gallery owners, and a less-than-promising relationship with "Hunk" and "Moo" Anderson (whose vast and stellar painting and sculpture collection's not ending up largely at SF MOMA would be not only a loss but an acute embarrassment).
It is among business travelers buying wine on expense accounts, however, that the wineries have seen the biggest impact of the soft economy.
In addition to padding his expense accounts, he is guilty of slanting and exaggerating some of his glibly written articles.
saying expense accounts are in proper order after a review by Hydro's chief financial officer.
If this were truly an independent film festival, the fact is most of us corporate media flacks on expense accounts simply would not be here.
274-5T(f)(5)(iii) cites post-expenditure review of employees' expense accounts as an internal control that should normally be employed.