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an account to which salespersons or executives can charge travel and entertainment expenses

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Meanwhile, Cluff shamelessly dips into a bottomless expense account to finance his Hollywood living.
A less obvious move would have been for Lemon to charge the false debit to an expense account, which is written off every year.
You'll have to do better than that if you want the world's media to stand outside your house with brand new expense account wellies.
The program would convert all expense amounts into percentages of sales, gross profit or any other variable the appraiser considers relevant, and print a report showing the trend of any expense account in relation to a defined baseline account.
The Blooms: Mrs Bloom and her lovely daughter Beverley could be sisters - tan from the same Caribbean island, hair out of the same bottle, same expense account in the dinky bags department at Harvey Nics.
Goddess: Anyone can be a rock chick but it takes real staying power to be an icon, not to mention having an ex-husband for a hairdresser and an expense account down the local leather emporium.
Services include international mobility policy consulting and implementation; training and recruitment of clients' mobility managers; and overall administration of international mobility programs, which includes supplier management, relocation destination services, expense account management and service hotlines for expatriates.
Additionally, HealthScore is integrated with the enrollment process of HealthDirect(SM), Canopy's online Health Savings Account (HSA) and Health Expense Account (HEA) administration platform, resulting in real-time credit decisions and offers at the point of HSA origination.
In May 1994, Kedren's medical director was given an expense account of $1,300 per month in addition to his salary.
An expense account, such as officers' salaries, may relate to both inventory and noninventory operations.
You black suit, leather shoes, tie expense account,
The top positions to benefit from the expense account increases include one from the Presidential Palace, 12 from cabinet (permanent secretaries), two from Parliament, 14 judges of the Supreme Court, 13 presidents of the District Courts, two from the Legal Services, one from the Auditor-General's Office, one from the Ombudswoman's Office, one from Police HQ, and one position in the Foreign Ministry.
Who don't you send the pounds 40 payment demand to your local MP and they can sneak it into their expense account.
Harris, the finance director, approved the purchase of the truck from money in the general expense account.
With a generous expense account and a 2007 BMW convertible at his disposal, the Peruvian revels in his status as a "kept boy.