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under a reimbursement or other expense allowance arrangement with another person other than an employer;" see Regs.
When a company grants an employee an NQSO, it recognizes the related compensation expense and records a tax benefit equal to the compensation expense multiplied by the company's income tax rate.
ThinMind Expense Reporting is an integrated web-based administrative tracking solution that provides the ability to collect, track, and organize expenses at any level of the organization.
However, low-rise units (43 percent of the survey sample) saw expense gains of just 1.
The 170 MarkView Expense Management solution integrates with Oracle Internet Expenses and Oracle Payables.
These might include professional fees for changes to an employee-benefit program, maintenance expense for overhauling office equipment or producer commissions paid for nonrecurring life income.
The gross return on banks' loan portfolios (before interest expense and loss provisions), at 10.
If a cleric's compensation includes a parsonage or housing allowance, which is excludable from gross income, the nondeductible business expense percentage is based on the ratio of the clergy's nontaxable to taxable income.
As a mid-l9th century Pennsylvania Supreme Court observed, the sue-and-labor clause "adds nothing to the duty of the insured and his agents, but merely expresses what would be the duty of the parties without it; that is, to use all proper exertions to save the property insured from total loss, and declares the duty of the insurer to contribute to the expense.
More year-to-year expense volatility - Annual changes in pension or postretirement benefit expense may be significantly greater under the new IAS, due to the proposed requirement that actuarial gains and losses outside of a 10-percent corridor and the effects of plan amendments for former employees be immediately recognized.
The Third Circuit held that Lincoln Sauings did not establish a "separate and distinct asset" test and that an expense may be a capital expense, even though there is no separate and distinct asset.
DALLAS -- Symphony Spend Management Solutions (SMS), a provider of software and outsourcing solutions that help clients effectively manage expenses, assets and workflow processes, today announced that it has received a "positive" rating in Gartner's recently-published "Marketscope for Telecom Expense Management, 2H06.