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Synonyms for expending

the act of spending money for goods or services

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That capital of forces which human thought had been expending in edifices, it henceforth expends in books.
Van Baerle began by expending his yearly revenue in laying the groundwork of his collection, after which he broke in upon his new guilders to bring it to perfection.
At the time when Cornelius van Baerle began to devote himself to tulip-growing, expending on this hobby his yearly revenue and the guilders of his father, there was at Dort, living next door to him, a citizen of the name of Isaac Boxtel who from the age when he was able to think for himself had indulged the same fancy, and who was in ecstasies at the mere mention of the word "tulban," which
Scrub of growth they were, expending the major portion of their meagre nourishment in their roots that crawled seaward through the insufficient sand for anchorage against the prevailing gales.
The snow lay on the ground, frozen into a hard thick crust, so that only the heaps that had drifted into byways and corners were affected by the sharp wind that howled abroad: which, as if expending increased fury on such prey as it found, caught it savagely up in clouds, and, whirling it into a thousand misty eddies, scattered it in air.
Winkle flashed, and blazed, and smoked away, without producing any material results worthy of being noted down; sometimes expending his charge in mid-air, and at others sending it skimming along so near the surface of the ground as to place the lives of the two dogs on a rather uncertain and precarious tenure.
And between expending all that energy and doing in And between expending all that energy and doing in her ankle, Jessie's worked up quite a Christmas appetite.
Spreadsheet nightmares come in many forms: After expending hundreds of hours reviewing spreadsheets, an error in one cell is found, or the error is missed and one cell rolls up into a costly problem for your company, or a host of other cell miseries occur.
The Bats continued with "surge operations" throughout Phantom Fury, flying around the clock missions, providing an eye in the sky for assaulting forces and expending over 253,000 pounds of ordnance on enemy targets.
GAO was asked to provide information on (1) the extent to which jurisdictions had expended the fiscal year 2002 funds awarded for the program's third budget period as of August 30, 2003, and August 31, 2004, and the fiscal year 2003 funds awarded for the program's fourth budget period, as of August 30, 2004; (2) the extent to which fiscal year 2001, 2002, and 2003 funds awarded for the third and fourth budget periods remained unobligated as of August 30, 2004; and (3) factors jurisdictions identified as contributing to delays in expending and obligating funds and actions some jurisdictions took to address them.
In fact, most authorities agree that proper weight loss should be a blend of consuming less calories and expending more calories.
If you are mostly interested in how much energy you're expending, look for a pedometer that operates with an accelerometer.