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The results indicate the existence of feedback in the case of EXPEND and GDPN.
To maintain weight, he must consume the same number of calories than he expends.
The Secretary has the authority to expend CTR funds in excess than authorized if determined to be in the national interest.
She said the threshold increase would not relieve pass-through entities from the responsibility for monitoring their subrecipients that expend less than $300,000.
Worker ants seem to expend considerable effort sorting and consolidating the brood.
Our philosophy is to expend as little energy as possible to generate the absolute best gains in fitness.
In addition, it compels taxpayers to expend substantial resources responding to information requests from agents seeking to apply the capitalization theory du jour, i.
In hindsight, it may have been more prudent for the bank, instead of doing nothing, to have petitioned the Supreme Court for authority to expend its own funds to aid the receiver to secure the property, and to add those expenditures to the amount of the judgment.
The Company did not fully expend the $120 million authorized by the Board of Directors under this prior program, and the $7.
Moreover, a commercial facility when renovating a primary function area, need only expend up to 20 percent of the overall cost of the alteration, in providing a path of access to the altered area.
E[acute accent]In accordance with the terms of the agreement, Piedmont paid AuEx $10,000 upon execution and must expend at least $50,000 during the first year of the agreement.