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one forced to emigrate, usually for political reasons


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The terminology employed by the bureaucracy, the rhetoric used by expellee organizations and expellees themselves, entrenched the experiences of loss and suffering in their collective and individual identities, and thus became key to their understanding of home.
This article examines the discourse on homeland and exile articulated by one segment of the expellee population in West Germany: Catholics from Silesia, the largest of Germany's eastern provinces lost in the postwar settlement.
8) On the centrality POWs and expellees in West German memory, see Moeller, War Stories.
In West Germany, national victims were neither Communists nor Jews, but only "good Germans," such as expellees, POWs, or victims of Allied air bombings.
24) Consequently, the allies enforced the settlement of the expellees and the citizenship status of the resettled ethnic Germans (Volksdeutsche).
GENEVA, Switzerland -- IrisGuard broke a new ground record today with its award winning Iris Expellee Tracking System (IETS) based on the resilient Iris Farm Architecture[R] (IFA) that is in operations since 2001 in the United Arab Emirates.
49) Second, many of the candidates, namely the ethnic German refugees, were waiting to be accepted into the United States by the more attractive German Expellee Program.
Preppy nerd and buttoned-down bohemian, green guru and globe-trotting jet fuel consumer, a college expellee who relished honorary degrees, Buckminster Fuller (b.
Unlike colleagues who grew up 'am Bodensee oder in Nurnberg', the author explained in the FAZ interview of 12 August 2006 during which he revealed his membership of the SS, the expellee Gunter Grass does not have access to his school reports, first scribblings, or diaries, and yet this may work to his benefit: 'Ich bin also in einer benachteiligten Situation gewesen, die sich dann aber doch beim Erzahlen als vorteilhaft erwies.
There has been an attempt by the Expellee organizations to construct a subtle parity with Jewish victimization, but this is a different, although related, issue.
At the same time, the Palestinian spokesperson, Hanan Ashrawi, side-stepped previous statements from leading members of the delegation declaring that there would be no return to the table before the return of every last expellee.
The Abu Dhabi Award for Excellence in Government Performance was awarded to the Abu Dhabi Police in the award category "Excellent Technical Project" for its outstanding technical performance and effective and tangible role in boosting national security and police work through its distinguished pioneering of the Iris Expellee Tracking System[R] (IETS) developed by IrisGuard Inc.
Well-selected evidence is presented to substantiate the thesis that Germans found a useable past in a mix of old stereotypes about Heimat(s) and new victimization through the POW and expellee issues.
For decades, Cold War conflicts and widespread expellee dreams of regaining their lost homes fostered a focus on communist perfidy in sponsoring the expulsions, while lack of access to East German and Eastern European archives otherwise limited research primarily to West German developments.
The article examines the various ways in which activists in the expellee organizations have used the ambiguity of homeland and belonging in the political process in Germany and increasingly in Europe to further a political agenda that, while it has undergone major changes, remains deeply problematic in some of its objectives and many of its implications.