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one forced to emigrate, usually for political reasons


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Toward that end, Silesian clerics worked with clergy expelled from other regions to found a seminary specifically for the Catholic expellee population.
In contrast, in the 1950s the policy debates over reparations for victims of Nazi persecution, on the one hand, and laws to help expellees and POWs, on the other, showed the narrowness of the West German definition of "victim" and the basic unwillingness of Germans of all walks of life to acknowledge the crimes committed in the name of Germany.
8) On the centrality POWs and expellees in West German memory, see Moeller, War Stories.
When the Bavarian government tried to delay voting rights for ethnic German expellees, the U.
54,000 Germans migrated under the US Expellee Program (1950-52); over 11,000 of them went as "private household workers"; Displaced Persons Commission 1952, 368, 374, 376.
in the 1950s, the memory work of establishing and preserving a set of meanings of the end of the war on the eastern front took place in interest group associations of expellees and POWs.
Then it is also possible that the homeland retains its relevance for individual and collective identities if the expellee community can maintain ties with the "homeland community" and thus with the homeland itself.
In 2002, on the eve of the accession of the Czech Republic to the European Union, a diplomatic crisis erupted when Czech Prime Minister Milos Zeman, described the Sudeten expellees as Hitler's "fifth column.
This accuracy has been proven in independent laboratories in the US and the UK, and more importantly in large-scale real-world deployments such as the UAE Expellee Watch List and the United Nations refugee program in Afghanistan and The Congo.
It has already demonstrated outstanding results in field trials with more than 220,000 travelers participating in the world-class Iris Expellee Tracking System in the United Arab Emirates.
In 2004, the United Arab Emirates deployed an iris-based expellee watch list in all their land, sea and air ports.
It has already demonstrated outstanding results in the laboratory and in field trials with more than 19,000 travelers participating in the world-class Iris Expellee Tracking System in the United Arab Emirates.
Iris recognition is uniquely suited to this large-scale identity management task and the Expellee System has proven that.
announced today that the total number of enrolled IrisCode(R) templates of expelled persons has exceeded 200,000 records, the largest expellee IrisCode template database in the world.
In the eyes of the constitution, everyone is a German who holds German citizenship or who, as a refugee or expellee of German Volkszugehoerigkeit, or as a spouse or descendant of such a person, has been admitted to the territory of the German Empire as it existed on December 31,1937] (Federal Republic of Germany.