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(used of military forces) designed for military operations abroad

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Operating results for the affected business within our Expeditionary Services segment unfavorably impacted our consolidated results by (USD 0.
Permissive operating environments are a defining factor of what expeditionary operations have become.
It goes on to say that "future forces operating as part of joint teams will conduct expeditionary maneuver through rapid deployment and transition to operations.
I want to thank the Australian Defence Force [ADF] and the crew of the HMAS Melville in particular, for their assistance in the search and recovery effort of our MV-22 that went down off the coast of Australia," said Lt General Lawrence Nicholson, Commanding General, III Marine Expeditionary Force.
Together, NSWC and NECC are working on the Joint Logistics User's Manual for Africa, exploring an expeditionary logistics training pipeline, and helping shape future working groups to be executed by theater organizations.
Recent turmoil in different regions of the world highlights the need for qualified, competent and well-trained warfighters with various competencies during expeditionary combat, said Dave Buss, president of Cubic Global Defense.
Personal and professional time invested in readiness should be done purposefully and with the goal of improving Airmen's ability to perform their duties in fulfilling global expeditionary requirements.
The Expeditionary Force Marines Sourcebook" by Irvin Jackson is its latest (and one of its best
Everest on Film is a Collaborative Doctoral Award (CDA) research project currently being undertaken by Jan Faull, former Archive Production Curator at the BFI, which aims to provide the underpinning scholarly research for new interpretations of these expeditionary films.
It presents fundamental goals and tasks for NATO, to be achieved in the next ten-year time, with the focus on leading expeditionary operations beyond its area of responsibility.
Purchase of the Sirocco 12,000-ton vessel was delayed through 2012 and this year as the Chilean navy considered various options for equipping Chile's year-old Amphibious Expeditionary Brigade.
I never thought funding would be an issue in the war zone when I was selected for a one-year deployment as the 376th Expeditionary Mission Support Group Commander at Manas, Kyrgyzstan.
Coming off a one-year deployment as the 376th Expeditionary Mission Support Group Commander at Manas, Kyrgyzstan, I was struck by how many senior officers within the Air Force, and especially those from other Services, found it unusual that the Mission Support Group Commander--or Garrison Commander in Army parlance--had a comptrollership background.
Core values and the expeditionary mindset; armed forces in metamorphosis.
2]O is the Marine Corps' functional advocate and service representative for expeditionary (aka operational) energy and works in partnership with the Deputy Commandant for Installations and Logistics, the functional advocate for energy aboard Marine Corps installations.
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