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Synonyms for expedition

Synonyms for expedition

a journey undertaken with a specific objective

Synonyms for expedition

a military campaign designed to achieve a specific objective in a foreign country

an organized group of people undertaking a journey for a particular purpose

the property of being prompt and efficient

References in classic literature ?
The fury of the baffled Expedition exceeded all bounds.
We had followed this ram round and round in a circle all day--a thing which was proven by the discovery that we had watered the Expedition seven times at one and same spring in seven hours.
In the old times of the great Northwest Company, when the trade in furs was pursued chiefly about the lakes and rivers, the expeditions were carried on in batteaux and canoes.
Crystal Worthem, marketing director, Ford Middle East and Africa, said: "The all-new Expedition represents the very latest thinking in SUV design and capability, and has given our teams an ideal opportunity to incorporate the most up to date smart features for our owners to enjoy.
The Polish team's press office said that Mr Urubko had decided to quit the winter expedition based on convictions regarding the end of winter season.
With a 34 year history of innovation, Coral Expeditions is recognized as Australias longest established and most awarded expedition cruise operator.
Wilderness and expedition medicine, therefore, is as purposeful as the expedition itself: predicted, planned, and pragmatically performed.
More than 200 Expedition kits are available for purchase.
He said that these mountainers groups included French Gasherbrum II Expedition 2016, Slovenian Inernational Broad Peak and Gasherbrum IV Expedition 2016, Snowland, Ghamubar Zom Expedition 2016, Nancy, Ralf, Karakoram Expedition 2016.
As a person interested in the 1948 American-Australian Scientific Expedition to Arnhem Land from a very young age--first introduced to the topic via Colin Simpson's (1952) account Adam in Ochre--in 1967 I purchased Anthropology and Nutrition, volume 2 of the Records of the Expedition (Mountford 1960).
Speaking on the occasion, President Mukherjee said that this expedition is important not only because it seeks to scale Mt.
This was an attractive agreement because Jagged Globe and their youth expedition business, Adventureworks, share a lot of the values and ethos of Outlook Expeditions.
Outlook plans to work closely with Jagged Globe to expand its range of unique expedition itineraries to include some very specialist, technical and remote expedition opportunities and destinations.
As a result of the strike, the Bulgarian expedition, which is returning from the Bulgarian Antarctica base on the Livingston Island is trapped in the city of Punta Arenas, while the Bulgarian expedition of scientists arriving to take over from them for the next few months in Antarctica is stranded on the Argentina-Chile border.
This year you can also join Biosphere Expedition's UK taster days, mini expeditions in England where volunteers will learn all the skills they need for expeditions abroad.