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  • verb

Synonyms for expedite

Synonyms for expedite

to make less difficult

to increase the speed of

Synonyms for expedite

speed up the progress of


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process fast and efficiently

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We urge the IRS to proceed cautiously to ensure that in expediting consideration of the issues by Competent Authority, taxpayers are not eliminated from the process.
0 million of expediting revenue during the year ended December 31, 2008.
From the first preclinical testing to clinical trials to the NDA/BLA review, Expediting Drug and Biologics Development shows you how to use reverse-engineering techniques to drive and improve each aspect of a development program's design and implementation.
GREM USA (OTCBB:GRMU) announced today that the Company has engaged the services of C&C Manufacturing to assist the Company in expediting the development of full-scale high volume operations.
Like the ACE system, Target Search provides electronic information to CBP officials so that they can effectively target and select shipments for inspection ahead of time, expediting the customs clearance process.
Instant Passport, one of the leading passport and visa expediting companies in the United States, is recognized as a leader in the industry by New York Times, Washington Post, Dow Jones Business Directory and Forbes Magazine.
Rhozet Corporation, emerging as a leader in expediting effortless media exchange, today announced the Carbon MPEG Grid Encoder, a software-based distributed MPEG encoder that fully utilizes the available render power of multiple CPUs -- a.
This award is a prestigious honor in the ground expediting community and a fantastic accomplishment for our entire team," said Mike Welch, President of Express-1.
By utilizing our technology, investigator sites can electronically send these critically important images to the core lab and the trial sponsor in minutes, significantly expediting workflow and decreasing time to market for new devices and drugs that require clinical trails with imaging endpoints.
The goal was to speed runway construction and other critical expansion projects at the nation's airports by streamlining and expediting current environmental reviews without compromising environmental laws.
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