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  • verb

Synonyms for expedite

Synonyms for expedite

to make less difficult

to increase the speed of

Synonyms for expedite

speed up the progress of


Related Words

process fast and efficiently

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While an advocate for expediters, who are often trusted with helping submitted plans earn the approval of the DOB in the most efficient manner possible, Mellon admits that not all of the recent examples of corruption stem from bogged down projects alone.
which handles most of the food and produce for both ACC and Frontier Expediters.
Anyway, the Expediter was quietly retired a couple of years ago and is now being replaced by the new Super-Max, a 34-grain, truncated-cone hollow point design that sneaks out the muzzle at an even 1,500 fps, the same nominal velocity of Remington's Yellow Jacket and Federal's.
Atlantic Street Capital acquired Ace Expediters in 2007 and since then has enhanced the company's operations and management team.
Leading Expediter, The Luggage Club, Offers Peace of Mind in Turbulent Times with Guaranteed Luggage and Goods Delivery
Kunzman and Associates represents some of the finest manufacturers in the industry to every level of distribution including warehouse distributors, retailers, mail order companies, OEM, expediters, jobbers, installers, speed shops, engine builders, and specialty customizers.
Portfolio Company Ace Expediters Acquires Express Courier Systems To Expand Network
Housing Court Expediters will monitor the parts and assign and move cases.
AMEX:XPO), one of the top ground expediters in the country, has promoted Jeff Curry to President.
announced today that it was merging with Ace Expediters, Inc.
Frequently, Berger warned, the interior designers hire expediters to file their plans.
Other annual report winners were Expediters International (mid- to large- cap category) and Berkshire Hathaway (large- to mega-cap category).
Moreover, from initial concept to punch list, the firm,s team of experienced, dedicated designers, draftsmen, artists and expediters works well together synergistically to achieve the optimum result.
Supply chain, transportation, and logistics planners and managers among shippers (manufacturers, distributors, and retailers), transportation carriers, port authorities, terminal operators, expediters, customs services, government policy agencies, consultancies, and research centers
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