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  • verb

Synonyms for expedite

Synonyms for expedite

to make less difficult

to increase the speed of

Synonyms for expedite

speed up the progress of


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process fast and efficiently

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The ICC recently introduced its Expedited Procedure Provisions, which offer an option to conduct arbitration on an expedited or "fast-track" basis for disputes with a limited amount at stake.
Providing expedited screening while on travel is the least we can do for our military and service academies.
Today, due of the lack of standby inventory and the general nature of just-in-time delivery cycles, shippers are turning to expedited services for more than just emergency needs.
Opponents of the expansion of mandatory expedited removal to the interior argue that it poses significant logistical problems.
But according to an employee, the organization's lawyer, Olivia Shay-Byrne, managed to put it on the fast track once the expedited disaster-relief procedures were announced.
While it probably is not practical for most newsletter publishers to fight the battle in court, the fact that you put in an expedited request may spur them into faster action in releasing the information that you want.
Additionally, if the predecessor ceases to pay wages, a final Form 941 must be filed and Forms W-2 must be issued on an expedited basis.
Expedited permits, in effect, provide blanket approval for qualifying projects and allow developers to avoid prolonged application and review processes.
In late December, however, Healy exercised her prerogative as agency director to bypass an advisory committee and approved the treatment, at the same time calling for an emergency meeting of the RAC to develop guidelines for expedited review of genetic therapies.
Expedited Packages is a technology-based, expedited parcel distribution company that provides expertise and superior service in fixed route, distribution, logistics management and dedicated fleet services.
With Yellow Exact Express[R] expedited air and ground delivery service, we guarantee to deliver your shipment precisely when and where you want it, even if that means weekends.
The IRS Service Centers established expedited routing forms in April 1992, for submission by taxpayers of documents, requests for expedited routing of correspondence, and expedited treatment for an installment agreement proposal.
com/research/1e7ff3/2011_expedited_pay) has announced the addition of Javelin Strategy & Research's new report "2011 Expedited Payments Overview and Forecast: A Win-Win-Win for Consumers, Banks and Billers" to their offering.
It was a novel idea at the time, but it wasn't long before expedited delivery of emergency shipments became almost commonplace.
com/research/1c52d2/2009_expedited_pay) has announced the addition of Javelin Strategy & Research's new report "2009 Expedited Payments Forecast: Due to Recovering Economy, Reposition Offerings Around Convenience Rather Than Desperation" to their offering.