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Synonyms for expectorate

clear out the chest and lungs

discharge (phlegm or sputum) from the lungs and out of the mouth

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The State Bank is committed to fight inflation and would not hesitate in increasing interest rates in response to the solid information and data on the behavior of the variables which impinge upon the inflationary expectorations said.
Severn catalogues Keats's symptoms in excruciating detail, noting the quantity of blood vomited, the color of his expectorations, and his chronic diarrhea; he relates his own physical and mental exhaustion; and he agonizes over money problems.
9 [micro]g/L) and was present in citric acid-stimulated expectorations 36-76 h after the fourth dose (range, 2.
But there was an error in the squib titled, "Dickens Would Be Proud," about the headline, "Great expectorations.
Standing in the chapel, Brede explains how Father Damien built the church with the victims' disease in mind, cutting holes in the floor for the expectorations of those lacking saliva control (a Hansen's symptom).
Roberto Alomar might not call his 1996 highlight film ``Great Expectorations,'' but major-league umpires will not be able to think of that season by any other name.
Quaresmeprenant's internal anatomy is presented in descending order, from brain to bladder; his external anatomy moves in ascending order from feet to head; and, the final list is organized according to his expectorations, expressions, and excretions.
And the only spitting image was, sadly, not a throwback to the satirical buffoonery of TV's latex puppets but Jonny Evans and Papiss Cisse appearing to exchange great expectorations.