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Synonyms for expectoration

the process of coughing up and spitting out

the act of spitting (forcefully expelling saliva)

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METH concentrations were higher in oral fluid specimens collected with cotton swabs than in citric acid candy-stimulated expectorations.
Various rules were suggested, but expectoration continued to be a part of social life.
7%, respectively, of 80 OF samples collected by expectoration and the Quantisal device up to 22 h after chronic daily cannabis users smoked a 6.
An example of an interdisciplinary approach may be a dental hygienist contacting a speech language pathologist when working with a patient afflicted with oral apraxia; perhaps because tooth brushing has become difficult due to tongue protrusion and expectoration.
Burning pains, irritability, loss of memory, a burning throat with hoarseness, a cough with copious purulent expectoration and a burning pain in the chest, may also be present.
The first patient had a "seven-day history of fever, cough, expectoration and shortness of breath".
D - Avoid direct contact with the infected persons (people with symptoms such as cough, sneeze, expectoration, vomiting, and diarrhea) and do not share their personal gadgets.
Massive haemoptysis, defined as the expectoration of 300 - 600 ml of blood per day, is a frequent complication of acute and chronic pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) (caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis).
If the choice is between the contents of a Macedonian's mouth, and studs down the shin or GBH in and around the box, then give me the expectoration any day.
Hippocrates extensively described hydrotherapy in his writings and was effusive in his praise, noting that "for the bath soothes the pain in the side, chest and back; cuts the sputum, promotes expectoration, improves the respiration, and allays lassitude: for it soothes the joints and outer skin, and is diuretic, removes the heaviness of the head, and moistens the nose" (Hippocrates 1955).
For the hundreds of great homeopathics for lungs, including, asthma, breathing, mucus, emphysema, expectorants, expectoration, pneumonia, tuberculosis, pleurisy, irritation, croup, coughing, congestion, bronchitis, atelectasis, adhesions, bloody discharge symptoms, and so much more, I rely on Murphy's Homeopathic Medical Repertory and Homeopathic Remedy Guide and Roger Morrison's Desktop Guide.
The 60-year-old Saudi man presented with a 7-day history of fever, cough, expectoration, and shortness of breath, the researchers said (N.
Pulmonary hydatid cysts are usually asymptomatic but patients may occasionally develop symptoms due to expectoration of cyst contents or compression of the surrounding structures.
One of the main causes of failure of topical treatment is early expectoration of the glue in the peri-operative phase.