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Synonyms for expectorate

clear out the chest and lungs

discharge (phlegm or sputum) from the lungs and out of the mouth

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Who can forget Frank Rijkaard memorably expectorating into Rudi Voller's hair at Italia 90?
Laid up with chronic sinusitis, the poor girl is expectorating at a rate of knots, and it ain't pretty.
Men had been expectorating for centuries, if not millenniums.
When she begins, the image is that of expectorating, but as she goes on and particularly as she equates the act with the "behavior of apes" (199), the image becomes that of rampant, brutish sexuality.
Hemoptysis, or expectorating blood, is not uncommon in adult CF.
Then, clearing his throat and expectorating regally, His Majesty issued a further pronouncement: "Netting birds is taxing
If anything, this group seems tame compared to the earlier crew, which was even more wild and disheveled, with its expectorating baby, escaped parakeet, and a rogue male goosing the leading lady.
The case-patients had cough and fever and had been expectorating sputum for [approximately equal to] 6-7 days before admittance to SHPHCC.