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Synonyms for expectorate

clear out the chest and lungs

discharge (phlegm or sputum) from the lungs and out of the mouth

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Boswellia gum (nature's antibiotic) supplement, oliban (luban shihri), eliminates and expectorates mucus, disinfects and decongests the sinuses, and detoxifies the body.
Les still expectorates copiously on stage, so I've demanded Harvey place warning signs in the area saying 'slippery when wet'.
It should include a clause saying: 'Unless someone expectorates over you, in which case you've every right to punch the filthy fellow's lights out.
Paradoxically, the more noisily this electronic apparatus voices its totalizing claims, the more it expectorates its retardataire humanist, if not outright mythical .
Standards slip just a little further as a spittin' mad David Beckham expectorates on the floor in disgust as Manchester United go down in Eindhoven.