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  • verb

Synonyms for expectorate

clear out the chest and lungs

discharge (phlegm or sputum) from the lungs and out of the mouth

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In expectorated OF, 6 h after smoking, 8 of 10 participants were positive for THC (0.
Hemosiderin-laden macrophages were absent in the expectorated blood on several occasions.
The executive expectation, expecting expression, expectorated artwork, i.
Any episodes of postoperative bleeding were also noted, and the amount of bleeding was estimated on the basis of the history, physical examination, measurement of expectorated blood, and changes in hematocrit level.
tennis player at net challenges confident opponent to hit ball over his head Xx xxxx xx x xxx, Xxx Mother expectorated at a gratuity, Samuel "Xx" xx xxx xxxxxxxx negative answer to question "is the pond safe to skate on?
It has therefore been postulated that ingestion of fibers, either directly from contaminated food or indirectly from expectorated sputum, may be one route for asbestos transmission to the peritoneum (Craighead and Mossman 1982).
Louis-Ferdinand Celine expectorated three surpassingly insane book-length tracts urging the extermination of the Jews: he is, quite justly, revered as the greatest French prose writer of the twentieth century besides Proust.
Even as an adult he often expectorated nasal and oral phlegm everywhere and he was an incorrigible spitter.
If the patient is properly positioned, the loosened secretions will then drain into the upper airways, where they can be expectorated using coughing and huffing techniques.
Microscopic and bacteriologic analysis of expectorated sputum.
conversely, and again we're talking fairness, can we really expect the consumer to do more than slurp and spit what we've so lovingly expectorated and pronounced "mild" or "useful?
6] But in private, we are told, he cried out after his mother's death, expectorated several sheng [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] of blood, and lay ill for a long time.
According to Goodstein, the presence of mouth cells and saliva in the blood stain suggested ``the likelihood that this has been expectorated from the mouth rather than vomited.
aeruginosa present in expectorated sputum or throat swab culture within two months prior to consent.
abscessus complex pulmonary disease requires the fulfillment of clinical and microbiological criteria, such as the presence of clinical symptoms; radiographic evidence of lesions compatible with NTM pulmonary disease; appropriate exclusion of other diseases; and, in most circumstances, positive culture results from at least 2 separate expectorated sputum samples (2).