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Synonyms for expectorate

clear out the chest and lungs

discharge (phlegm or sputum) from the lungs and out of the mouth

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Yes, it is a step that might have been considered unbelievable a few years ago - but let us ponder instead why society is in such a state that too many people's instinctive response to a parking ticket is to expectorate at the person handing it out.
He broke off to expectorate loudly and thickly into the Taff.
After pretreatment with a short acting beta-2 agonist, 3% saline was administered by nebulizer (U1 Ultrasonic Nebulizer; Omron HealthCare, Henfield, West Sussex, UK) for up to 20 min while subjects were encouraged to cough and expectorate sputum into a sterile container.
The flow control switch allows you to regulate the force of the jets, and the pause button allows you to suspend operations while you move the tip to another part of your mouth or if you have to expectorate.
Users of chewing tobacco and snuff must expectorate the residue, which is why these products are called "spit" tobacco.
Phlegm is said to be either substantial or insubstantial, meaning that it can either be the mucous we expectorate and drool or a kind of "fog" that blocks the sensory, organs.
Of the insignificant few who expectorate on the green or in the ditch, the less said about them and this disgusting habit the better.
He did not so much enunciate policy as expectorate it forth.
In one famous London art school, a tutor persuaded students to rip pages from their library's copy of Art and Culture, chew them, then expectorate the chewed paper into a bowl of acid.
Within a week in some patients, several weeks in others, the tubercle bacillus disappeared from the expectorate.
1] This algorithm is suggested for all TB suspects and ignores the epidemiology of the South African (SA) tuberculosis (TB) epidemic, where 39% of cases notified have extrapulmonary TB (EPTB) or are unable to expectorate (15% and 24%, respectively).
8) signify more severe dysphagia as indicated by deeper airway invasion and/or diminished ability or effort to expectorate [14-15].