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a medicine promoting expectoration

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pseudoephedrine to the expectorant properties of long-acting guaifenesin;
Antitussive, expectorant and anti-inflammatory alkaloids from Bulbus Fritillariae Cirrhosae.
These herbs have a long history of expectorant use:
The drug has been shown to be secretolytic, expectorant, weakly antispasmodic, deodorizing, cooling and diuretic.
Anti-tussives which stop a dry tickly cough (and are not to be used where an expectorant is required).
Expectorants are agents that facilitate removal of mucus from the lower respiratory tract.
The mucus thinning properties of capsaicin also promote coughing and can act as an expectorant for asthmatic conditions.
Thymus vulgaris has valuable mucolytic and expectorant actions.
5mg/ml, Brotapp dm Cold & Cough Liquid, Codaphed, Codilar, Dextrokuf, Dextrolag, Dicton Retard 30, Dulsana, Dulsana Mild, Emikoff, Emikoff, Exedexe 15mg/5ml, Exylin, Exylin, Ezipect, Guafedrin, Guaphan 100mg/5ml, Histalix expectorant, Histalix Expectorant (paediatric), Isilin, Kafosed 15mg/5ml, Levopront 60mg/10ml, Mentex, Neocoff dm, Neocoff 14mg/5ml, Neocoff Junior 7mg/5ml, Neocold, Pectal Expectorant, Pectomed, Pectox, Polaramine, Expectorant, Riaphan 15mg/5ml, Rinofed Expectorant, Rinofed plus, Robitussin CF, Romilar 15mg/ml, Romilar Expectorant, Romin 15mg/5ml, Rondec, Rondec, Sedofan DM, Siltussin dm, Cough Syrup, Sinecod 0.
Paracetamol relieves headaches, shivers, aches and pains, the decongestant helps unblock your nose and the expectorant eases chesty coughs.
It is an expectorant and bronchodilator, and a treatment for coughing and wheezing when combined with Ephedra, apricot seed, and Morus alba root.
Treat the symptoms - a cough bottle with an expectorant in it will loosen up the secretions.
It acts as a soothing expectorant, loosening and encouraging the removal of phlegm.
The secret of successful lozenges is all in the honey, pine oil and liquorice The recipe for Allens Pine and Honey Balsam on which the new lozenges are based includes: Ipecacuanha Liquid Extract - from a plant shipped from South America which has been used for centuries as an expectorant.