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Synonyms for expectedness

the state of being that is commonly observed


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ordinariness as a consequence of being expected and not surprising

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One way to defuse the sentimentality of expectedness is to write a poem that is not about a baby but in which a baby simply exists, alongside many other things.
breach of the EC antitrust rules, has created a certain expectedness of
Experts agree that emails and their subject lines should carry a degree of expectedness, to help dodge aggressive spam filters, with enough intrigue and curiosity left for readers to open the email.
This practice becomes meaningful in a context where simulation and appropriation have acquired an expectedness that this art wryly disrupts, as in Double Act, 2006, which consists of a theater spotlight that illuminates a wall of pleated red curtains, soon discovered to be a projected illusion.
The Women's Midlife Transitions Survey, developed for this study, provided information on the timeliness, expectedness, and impact of common midlife transitions.
That is, what is meaningful in event conceptualizations such as transitivity valences, aspectual characteristics, degree of control over an event occurrence, the expectedness vs.