expected value

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the sum of the values of a random variable divided by the number of values

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have an expected value that is less than the expected marginal cost to
My principal claim is simple: standing doctrine has been constructed in a way that is oblivious to the idea of expected value.
In either case, whether or not the expected value rises or falls will depend upon the elasticity of entry with respect to price.
In effect, they are concerned with the most likely outcome, as the expected value is calculated by weighing up the possible outcomes by their probabilities and summing the result.
9 is not equal to the expected value of the log, as in the LHS of Eq.
Expected values are used to compare the general tendencies one can logically anticipate when selecting different alternatives in a decision problem.
Again, it would seem logical that the expected value of the company's sales would increase, but the calculation would be more difficult, given the uneven data.
Known minimum value approach: This approach is to be used when the outcome and cost uncertainties are so great that it is premature to estimate an expected value or most likely value.
Statistical analyses based on the ISO Guide regard a laboratory expected value [X.
The deductible contribution would be based on the donated property's FMV, less the expected value of the reserved life estate.
SIGNAL Corporation has been awarded a five year contract with an expected value of $100 million through the United States Senate Sergeant At Arms to provide computer help desk support, IT installation and maintenance, and acquisition and inventory for hardware and software for all U.
With this method, the amount of the second elastomer component is more accurately calculated to be the expected value of about 22% (22.
This expected value represents the most appropriate estimation of the (discounted) liability at $2.
Some limiting cases of application are discussed, as are some decision criteria other than expected value.