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This often as not may include a scientific process and where the expected outcomes are pictured by the grandiose gains including money and other adult kind of considerations.
In 1985, the New England Medical Center in Boston, introduced the "critical pathway," which was the first system that attempted to incorporate expected outcomes within specified time frames.
The objective definition of risk incorporates all three key variables for risk managers: expected outcome, variance and time.
Then, within the framework of social cognitive theory, I will discuss the roles of expected outcomes, Weibo usage, and deficient self-regulation in Weibo addiction.
gov fosters a basic understanding of award activities and expected outcomes, (2) determined the extent to which information reported by SBA's contractors on Recovery.
Each location had a volunteer chair and small committee to design and implement the program, based on expected outcomes from the grant proposal and using resources of their choice.
More and more examples of patients with clearly better than expected outcomes are generating significant interest by the National Cancer Institute and NIH's Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine to look more closely at the best case scenarios of a variety of alternative practitioners who have worked successfully with cancer patients--most notably; Dr.
The innovator, working outside the comfort zone and without the safety net, may fail, but the failure may produce more knowledge than the achievement of conventional and expected outcomes.
Only when a technology becomes widely diffused and used can its limitations and added capabilities be fully explored, leading to new niches and new expected outcomes.
The expected outcomes of the retreat would be to arrive at a consensus on effective ways of enhancing our assistance to Africa s Private Sector; facilitating a true One Bank culture and approach institutionally; defining the scope and elements of the Governors dialogue and the expected outcomes; and defining the next phase of Board effectiveness.
He discussed the need for a "roadmap" of the field so that progress can be evaluated against expected outcomes.
An attempt is made to synthesize from the preceding modules the expected outcomes of health care reform, particularly with respect to organizations and networks.
The guideline is part of the medical record and, in tabular form, outlines appropriate indications for treatment or surgery, its timing and intensity, expected outcomes and criteria to measure outcomes, and a method to track variations.
Teachers interested in applying for a Puget Power Mini-Grant need to complete an application form including purpose, costs and expected outcomes of the project.
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