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an expected time to live as calculated on the basis of statistical probabilities

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Want probability of death at each future lifespan in order to calculate expectation of life.
The expectation of life for the mosquitoes after emergence was 17.
Expectation of life 73 for smoker and 74 for non-smoker.
Minor note: the expectation of life is not exactly the point where 50% of the deaths have occurred.
It has been written elsewhere that at the turn of the century, 1801, the general population had little expectation of life changing dramatically in the century to come.
In the developed world during the last decade, the use of antiretrovitals (drugs which prevent the virus from further damaging the immune system) has dramatically improved the quality and expectation of life of HIV-infected patients.
The blockade of Iraq has raised infant mortality by two and a half times and lowered the expectation of life by six years.
LORD BACH: Two studies by the National Radiological Protection Board have shown that "in general, participation in the test programme has had no detectable effect in the participants' expectation of life, or their risk of developing cancer or other fatal diseases.
A Treasury memo dated July 1970, said: "Any calculation has to take account of such imponderables as the expectation of life of the Queen Mother and the matrimonial prospects of Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.
1% implies a female expectation of life at birth of 20 years, the lower limit of the Coale-Demeny model life-tables (3).
For example, expectation of life at age 25 years is correlated with average HRQL index (r=0.
According to current data, the expectation of life at birth of males is 71.
In Uganda, expectation of life at birth will fall to 32 years, whereas without AIDS it would be 59 years.
His attempt to apply an expectation of life formula to collection management is not unlaudable in itself, but he looked at average life expectancy in a stationary population.
Expectation of life at birth is between 15 and 20 years less than that of the nonindigenous population, comparing unfavorably with populations in Canada, the United States, and New Zealand, where life expectancy in indigenous peoples is between three and nine years less than that of the overall population.