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  • adj

Synonyms for expectant

Synonyms for expectant

having or marked by expectation

carrying a developing fetus within the uterus

Synonyms for expectant

marked by eager anticipation

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in an advanced stage of pregnancy

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Colorful fireworks display lit up the the pitch-black skies over seven locations in the Saudi capital on Monday night as residents of all ages expectantly welcomed the Eid Al-Fitr holidays.
We all wait expectantly for the next series - hopefully minus the male exhibitionist bits and please, pretty please, Bruce Forsyth
As the countdown finished and everyone looked up expectantly, only a handful of the lights shone.
He and the Duchess - later the Queen Mother - would then be the first to cross the bridge, meanwhile the crowds waited expectantly on a cold misty February morning 78 years ago.
Daniella and Alastair decided to give the prize money to 'Men on the side of the road', an organisation that supports men that get together daily at sites all over Windhoek, waiting expectantly for contractors, homeowners and farmers, to offer them a day's casual labour.
CHESTER boss Neil Young will be waiting expectantly for this lunchtime's draw for the final qualifying round of the FA Trophy, which sees the Blues just 90 minutes away from a possible first round tie against one of non-league football elite.
MONTE CARLO (PG, 104 MINS) GRACE Bennett (Selena Gomez) graduates from high school and looks forward expectantly to a trip to Paris in the company of best friend Emma (Katie Cassidy).
MONTE CARLO (PG, 104 mins) 5/10 GRACE Bennett (Selena Gomez) graduates from high school and looks forward expectantly to a trip to Paris in the company of best friend Emma (Katie Cassidy).
I did what the Bible said," said Robert Fitzpatrick of New York, who waited expectantly at Times Square in New York City on Saturday for the event.
Millions of people around the world have heard his information and wait expectantly for this momentous event.
The judge turned his attention to the defendant, his hand against his temple, expectantly waiting for the 63-year-old to turn the phone off.
Today, he said, we need similar commitment to help out the affectees of Malakand Division who are looking forward expectantly to rest of Pakistan to mitigate their sufferings.
The impressive upstairs Garrick Room at the George Hotel was laid out with seats, a stage was erected, comfy chairs and a microphone added and audiences and authors alike arrived expectantly and left with lots to think about.
They come within a few feet of the snack bar, toss their heads and look expectantly.
Each January, I receive its catalog and expectantly unlock its treasure chest of pages, eager to glimpse the botanical jewels inside, a number of which are described below.