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Synonyms for expectant

Synonyms for expectant

having or marked by expectation

carrying a developing fetus within the uterus

Synonyms for expectant

marked by eager anticipation

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in an advanced stage of pregnancy

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With such a wide range of information and advice available, The Portland Hospital Pregnancy Open day presents the perfect opportunity for expectant mothers to get an insight into the inner workings of Britain's only fully private maternity hospital.
Expectant moms receive incentives for completing prenatal, postpartum and healthy-baby appointments.
These services have made PHCs popular with expectant mothers.
They provide 3D ultrasound imaging for expectant moms and it is also has a store front boutique for expectant moms.
e works of art have been painted on expectant mothers' stomachs by Welsh actress Michelle McTernan.
An expectant mother who chooses to find out her child's sex before birth may be giving subtle clues about her views on proper gender roles, suggests a study from Ohio State University, Columbus, which found that women who choose not to learn their child's sex may be more open to new experiences and combine egalitarian views about the roles of men and women in society with conscientiousness.
Although government guidelines warn pregnant women against drinking more than four units a week - the equivalent of two glasses of wine - James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough has recorded expectant mums drinking significantly more.
A study of 172 expectant mothers found that women who gained excessive weight during the first half of pregnancy gave birth to heavier and longer babies with more body fat than babies of women who either did not gain as much weight or put it on later in their pregnancy.
A new and expectant mother is a woman who is pregnant or has given birth within the previous six months (having either delivered a live child or a still-born baby after 24 weeks of pregnancy).
Are cravings a true pregnancy symptom, or more of an expectant mum legend?
Some 45 per cent of expectant mothers who currently work said they could not afford to take a full year out of their job, MoneySupermarket found.
The formation of this National Center is particularly important at this time as prenatal testing technology continues to advance, and medical providers and expectant parents need support to understand a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome.
Cookie, on loan to Pets Corner in Jesmond Dene in Newcastle, has turned out to be an expectant mum.
DALLAS-Compared with expectant management, labor induction for cases involving a suspected large-for-dates fetus was associated with a threefold reduction in the risk of neonatal trauma and an improved likelihood of spontaneous vaginal birth in a randomized controlled trial involving 817 women.
The hospitals said yesterday that only the partner or one nominated visitor will be allowed for expectant and new mothers.