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Synonyms for expectancy

Synonyms for expectancy

the condition of looking forward to something, especially with eagerness

something expected

Synonyms for expectancy

an expectation

something expected (as on the basis of a norm)

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Statistics show that women almost always have higher life expectancies than men.
Likewise, lack of clarification with respect to conceptual issues across theories also results in a debate concerning expectancies for success and outcome expectancy.
Those who don't live on or near reservations in the West have life expectancies similar to whites'.
Among those who try to sell their life policies, 60% have life expectancies from six to 12 years.
For students with high alcohol use expectancies, high studying expectancies were associated with fewer perceived drinking problems than were low studying expectancies.
In short, we see not only the potential power of educational expectancies as they are enacted within and across varying contexts over the life course, but, perhaps more importantly, the book reveals the value of applying a contextualist perspective to study the individually-based behaviors and beliefs of both teachers and students.
The ministry compiles average life expectancies for Japanese men and women based on the national census, which is conducted every five years, and gauges annual life expectancies based on population estimates.
The sidebar, "Recalculating Life Expectancies," above, describes the recalculation method more fully, including a discussion of when it might be advantageous.
But with life expectancies increasing, cash settlements for people with AIDS are decreasing: Whereas settlements of 80% to 90% of the value of a life insurance policy were common two or three years ago, today the average figure is closer to 50% or 60%.
21st Services, a major life expectancy underwriter for the secondary market for life insurance, announced yesterday, at their Annual Investor Subcommittee conference, that they will be using new mortality tables which will be more reflective of real world life expectancies.
Overall, the data found a more-than 21-year differential in life expectancy by neighborhood, with 70 percent of neighborhoods home to life expectancies below the U.
Welsh cultural and social historian Peter Stead believes South Wales' industrial past is partially responsible for the low life expectancies in the area.
Office for National Statistics figures show that life expectancy for men at birth in the Cwm Taf Health Board area - which has one of the lowest life expectancies in Britain at just 75.
In addition, coaches were asked to complete the Expectancy Rating Scale (ERS; Solomon, 1993) to measure current athletic expectancies.
Probabilistic pricing formulas incorporate mortality rates rather than life expectancies and so recognize that death may occur at any future policy duration.