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the condition of looking forward to something, especially with eagerness

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Research has found that professional school counselors with higher levels of outcome expectance for CDSCPs (belief that CDSCP implementation will lead to positive results) are more likely to be working to implement such programs (Scarborough & Culbreth).
This is the toughest situation I have been in as a manager because in previous seasons there was nothing expected - now there is a huge expectance.
The attitude of expectance generates a rising nucleus in accord with indefiniteness.
Given today's contexts, the political discourse acquires more and more a drama dimension, because the social actor--the political figure--must build itself--as per Erving Goffman (1959)--a self image, "facade", often in conformity with its public's expectance.
3% 7 Life expectance at Birth (both sexes) 2004 63.
With this approach, Tendril can address the macro trends of energy efficiency, security, life expectance and connectedness that will generate new revenue streams for companies in the industrial and building automation, physical security and home automation industries.
Two doctors must certify that the patient is of sound mind and has a life expectance of six months or less.
Results failed to demonstrate any statistically significant differences from population expectance on the demographic variables of race, gender, SES, or ESL within any of the seven clusters.
1 Human Development by Caste and Ethnicity, 1996 Category Bahun Chhetri Newar Madhesi Life Expectance 60.
New York Heart Association Class IV end-stage left ventricular failure for at least 90 days with a life expectance of less than 2 years.
At the time he absconded he was residing with his partner and was concerned for her impending expectance of a baby, but while he was in custody she lost the child.
Many of the "orders" for the drug are believed to have been placed in expectance of a Christmas rush and the seizure means there may well now be a dearth of cocaine in the north of England.
The controversial selection of former rugby league star Jason Robinson as a running full-back after a relatively short time in union, and his expectance that there could be a clampdown on tackling from the side, has given Jones more than an inkling of what to expect.
Timing of Distributions Death of IRA Holder Spouse Beneficiary Nonspouse Beneficiary Before RBD Begin at decedent's Begin one year RBD or at spouse's after death of IRA RBD after a holder over rollover beneficiary's single life expectance After RBD Begin at spouse's Continue at least RBD after a as rapidly as rollover under the method being used at IRA holder's death Timing of Distributions Death of IRA Holder No Beneficiary Before RBD All IRA assets must be distributed within five years of death of IRA holder After RBD Continue at least as rapidly as under the method being used at IRA holder's death