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to be expected

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Las realizaciones contenidas en los siguientes items ['trewa] perro, [ki'tral] fuego, ['wentru] hombre apoyan la afirmacion de que se trata de una interferencia del castellano: ['trewa] y ['wentru], son palabras ampliamente utilizadas por hablantes incipientes de mapuzugun y no esperables en las realizaciones de los hablantes entrevistados; por otra parte en [ki'tral] fuego la castellanizacion se extiende a la primera vocal, donde el fono expectable es [m], en vez de [i].
Our poor gullible employer squinted with dictatorial grandeur, said the expectable stuff like Been preparing for a role like this all my life, then peered unseeingly out his vast bubbled window, the dot of the northern face of his die-shaped manor.
Conclusions of measurements are valid for all expectable switching frequencies (approximately up to 20 kHz) and for the full range of the PWM.
Of course we do not intend to extrapolate results or predict the overall impact of the fishing disturbance; however, structural changes are expectable in such homogeneous habitats inhabited by the same assemblage of benthic invertebrates conspicuously associated to the dominant target species, and subjected to aperture and closure of fishing areas (Pottinger et al.
Equation 25 is obtained using some simplifying assumptions; therefore, it is expectable to have deviation from the exact values of the mean strain function.
Transmission loss allocation is an expectable challenge of power system restructuring.
Japanese GDP impact value was also simulated under the expectable scenario of more than 65 years old people.
Heirs to the Greeks, Muslim scholars found it expectable that men would be attracted to young boys or beautiful males, since they manifested the same feminine beauty as women.
Thus, for the same quantity of alcohol consumed over a period of time, the number of relapses expectable among women is higher than the one expectable in men.
Since intercorrelations among indices of evidence and source quality are expectable, we included these in the system.
Head of the State Duma's Committee on CIS affairs Leonid Slutsky said that the victory of Petro Poroshenko at the Ukrainian presidential election was expectable and pledged to develop a dialogue with the new Kiev authorities, ITAR-TASS reported.
The country's growth momentum is expectable to be sustainable and on track its government target of 6.
This action was quite expectable and had no effect on the markets.