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In general the tunnel effect is expectable at temperatures appropriately low only, in order that the width of the cone basis be consistent with the average size [delta]l of the stretched zone: during [delta]t the total lateral deviation 2[delta]r of the ion path with respect to [v.
Put less artificially, what I am claiming is that a certain piece of evidence or argument put forward by one side in an apparently endless dispute can be recognized to have a definite logical force, even by those whom it entirely fails to win over or convert to side in question; and that when this is the case, the conversion of a hitherto wavering opponent of the side in question can be seen to be justifiable--not simply expectable in the light of known relevant psychological or sociological laws [.
Since cumulus cells release signals important for oocyte maturation and developmental competence, it is expectable that the occurrence of apoptosis in these cells has an impact on the female gamete (15).
This action was quite expectable and had no effect on the markets.
That's why the BJP is not expectable to this suggestion of CBI inquiry.
This sudden growth was expectable given the rapid increase in the number of maintenance treatment centers and the training of over 1,400 physicians at the National Center for Addiction Studies of Iran.
The terms of the public debate you are aware have changed, with plenty of inconvenient truth, shock talk, and downright lies as well as expectable prestidigitation in terminology.
Vandiver shows well how central xenic hospitality is to various panels of the logos--even if Kroisos' exasperated prayer never invokes expectable Zeus Xenios (161).
Considering the link between customer needs and product quality characteristics, the FRs for product are classified into basic functional requirements, expectable functional requirements and adjunctive functional requirements based on the model of customer satisfaction presented by Kano, as shown in figure 1.
Only in America are gun massacres of this kind routine, expectable, and certain to continue.
What changes are expectable in regards to pricing, regulation, and Fixed/Mobile networks deployments?
The observers continued that airline tickets offered during the summer vacation sell for 10-20% higher prices than ordinary periods of a year, which along with lower costs of aviation fuel will infuse considerable growth momentum into the two Taiwanese airline companies' profits in the second quarter as an expectable result.
4 million feddan annually during this of area in cooperating with the expectable partners from both the private and public sectors in all Sudan's states.