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Qatar and Saudi Arabia also shine for the Middle East: 76% and 68% respectively of expats there enjoy greater disposable income than they did in their home country.
The Expat Explorer survey was commissioned by HSBC Expat and conducted by YouGov.
Dubai: Despite the slowing growth rates, the Gulf states remain the most favoured place in the world for expats - even young professionals - to come and realise their dreams of financial security.
With the salary account expat package customers will have the chance to earn handsome rewards thanks to an exciting new promotion from Doha Bank.
These are clearest in expat experience, where Bahrain ranks seventh and Kuwait 39th, and family, where Bahrain ranks sixth and Kuwait 39th.
You were born in one place, socialized in another, and became an expat in a third.
The Expat Insider 2015 survey ranked Russia (60), Saudi Arabia (61), Nigeria (62), Greece (63) and Kuwait (64).
He said it was difficult to predict exactly how it would affect UK expats living in Cyprus, but he believed that London and Nicosia would want to maintain a close relationship and minimise any friction caused by Britain leaving the EU.
Not as fearless as you thought: potential expats have lots of worries about moving overseas.
I know it's a downside to expat life and to be expected but it can hurt.
Expats make up about two-thirds of the total population of about 3.
The survey of 1,000 UAE residents also found Arab expats are the most likely to use their bonus to settle debt (45 per cent) or pay bills (19 per cent), with Western expats the least likely to settle debt (32 per cent) or pay bills (nine per cent).
Sur la base de cette definition, on s'attendrait a ce que toute personne travaillant hors de son pays pour une periode de temps soit appelee expat, independamment de sa couleur ou du pays d'origine.
Global Banking News-October 22, 2014--HSBC survey says Singapore is best expat destination
Around 62 per cent of the expats in Bahrain enjoy a better 'expat life experience' and more enjoyable commute into work (68 per cent), in comparison to their home countries, a recent survey commissioned by HSBC Expat stated.