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in an ebullient manner

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Scientists had suspected this based on studying a mere dozen genes, but the current study expansively surveyed 10,000 genes for abnormalities.
At first a little giddy, then more expansively confident, you could feel the cast's pleasure to be in control of this creaky and charming contraption.
Individuals who never had spoken up publicly or expansively on free speech and academic freedom now found their voices; senators who skipped routine meetings now attended to make their views known.
Roses, roses everywhere and not a blade of grass,'' Cairns said with a wide smile, gesturing expansively over his riot of blossoms.
The OCR staff racked up one victory after another in these early years in interpreting the new statute expansively so as to impel the widest and most expensive range of "accommodations" for disabled persons.
There are a lot of things I can't accept in ballet," says Gafner expansively.
2 wireless policy provides government customers the ability to use wireless more expansively, including deployment of advanced wireless services such as asset tracking, voice and security for guest networking.
We can all spread our arms expansively to the horizon and declare with confidence "This all used to be fields".
Joe's experience will help us all think more expansively about how to capture maximum user engagement.
Women were more likely than men to smile expansively when photographed," the Daily Express quoted Dr Gueguen as saying.
The sides we're grouped with all play very positively and expansively and are all attractive sides to watch.
Edinburgh play expansively, Racing Metro have a Harlem Globetrotters allstar lineup and Cardiff Blues only know one way to play as well.
However, with the Wolves likely to play expansively, he has to be worth a bet.
It's also about which side has got the patience not to get caught up in the occasion and play too expansively.
Wales and Australia play similar styles - we both try to play expansively," said 90 times-capped Wales flanker Williams.