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in an ebullient manner

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To cater to this, companies are expansively considering the usage of the business intelligence platform to efficiently understand and analyze this large amount of data.
Provide counter-narratives that challenge students to think more expansively about their notions of gender.
They might not be banging goals in left, right and centre but they are still a solid outfit, and they play a lot more expansively than they did under David Moyes.
Speaking surprisingly expansively on the subject, Lambert emphasised how important the positive backing of the crowd at home and away has been to his developing team.
Leveraging the sales network of joint business partner American Airlines, JAL was also able to attract customers expansively from Asia and North America.
Anticipating an energetic evening, the Scot added: "They seem to be playing a bit more expansively than they did previously, and with Kevin Maggs (the former Ireland centre) as their coach they obviously have a lot of experience there to count on.
According to the report, in keeping with the blurry ethnicity of the movie's Asian enemy (which was switched from Chinese to North Korean in postproduction), many of the tweets are wide-bore in their reaction, targeting generic "Asians," or expansively slamming a buffet of nationalities.
I always wanted to play expansively with two wingers and now all of a sudden the team is starting to evolve.
But he is one of several older players viewed as surplus to requirements by Richard Hill, others include Dale Rasmussen and Chris Fortey, as the head coach works to build a team capable of playing more expansively and - in theory, moving away from the lower reaches of the table.
Companies which think expansively tend to do better," he said.
That nation is in turmoil currently and it remains to be seen how the presence of al-Qaeda there will influence relations with a new leadership in Yemen after Ali Abdallah Saleh who collaborated expansively with the US war on terror.
It is clear that NPD personnel are thinking more expansively about the nut's uses.
He spoke expansively of enduring the "scars of Hebrew school" only to come into his Jewish consciousness at Camp Swig, a Jewish camp in Saratoga, where, "among the redwoods," he met progressive leaders like Cesar Chavez and Joan Baez.
Speak expansively about goals and challenges--how you've achieved them, what you've learned, and how you've managed successfully through obstacles.
In any case, I think we're two of the most exciting teams to watch in English rugby, so there won't be any special efforts to play expansively at the expense of discipline.