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Synonyms for expansive

Synonyms for expansive

Synonyms for expansive

able or tending to expand or characterized by expansion


of behavior that is impressive and ambitious in scale or scope


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marked by exaggerated feelings of euphoria and delusions of grandeur

friendly and open and willing to talk

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Park said that the findings suggest that expansive postures have both universal and culturally specific effects on people's thoughts, feelings and behavior.
In 2009, Expansive Worlds released theHunter, a free roaming first-person hunting game.
Rubin effected a program of applied research and development on expansive cements, and invented methods of testing and measuring restraint of expansion, now used in ASTM C806 Standard Test Method for Restrained Expansion of Expansive Cement Mortar and C878 Standard Test Method for Restrained Expansion of Shrinkage Compensating Concrete.
The driveway has a set of electricallycontrolled gates giving access to the expansive gravel roundabout and parking area with external lighting.
The danger we have in this league is if you try and play an expansive game you leave one-on-ones at times and they're top quality hurts you and you lose goals.
Such a comparative question might be perhaps too much to ask of a volume that contributes a great deal already, but the expansive aims of the essays gesture to these larger questions.
s Capitol Hill, noted in its October 4 issue that Republican strategists are actually using Miers' expansive views of executive power as a selling point for the conservative faithful: "[Republican strategist Ken] Mehlman yesterday unveiled a politically powerful argument linking Bush's nomination to the war on terrorism.
95, a glossy and geographically expansive survey that tracks the leading edge of the museum building boom.
The Ninth Circuit decision takes the most expansive definition one could possibly imagine of terms such as 'adverse action,'" National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies public policy director Robert Detlefsen said.
California lawmakers in Congress forced into an expansive spending bill thousands of dollars for repair of one of the state's Roman Catholic missions.
An expansive schnoz might have warmed incoming cold air or expelled body heat during hunting and other strenuous activities.
It uses three strategies to reach its goals: multimedia engagement campaign; grassroots outreach; and an expansive partnership network.
Which is the more compassionate economic system: one that provides an expansive safety net when citizens can't find work, or one that makes it less likely that they'll need it?
Readers are provided the perspective of producers, engineers, songwriters, and recording artists associated with the New York music industry expansive years between 1950 and 1980.
Fox's expansive survey explores the broad range of distinctly American views of Jesus from the time of Columbus to the late twentieth century.