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the doctrine of expanding the territory or the economic influence of a country

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policy-makers to take an expansionistic line in global affairs, the Peace Corps aimed to display a different aspect of America's might-its moral character.
Ellen Morris's extremely lengthy and detailed study should be the basis for all subsequent research dealing with the New Kingdom's expansionistic policy abroad.
One doctrine of Islam dominates in Saudi Arabia--Wahhabism, which is the most extreme, violent, separatist, and expansionistic form of Islam in existence today.
A third of the essay is devoted to a comparison of the Masoretic and Greek texts; the Greek is original and the Masoretic Text expansionistic.
Bruce Levine defines institutionalization as the establishment of large, bland, standardized, hierarchical, bureaucratic, authoritarian, coercive, manipulative, expansionistic, and impersonal entities.
82) In both instances, according to Ian Roberts and Taras Hunczak, the Tsar may have actually acted counter to Russian interests, and certainly counter to the idea of Russia as an insatiably expansionistic power, always striving to expand the territories and peoples under its influence regardless of the consequences.
When Hitler's expansionistic plans began to result in disasters with the overextension of Germany's military forces, however, the rationalization of blaming Hitler for his inept military leadership became commonplace.
Increasingly the idea of bringing Crown backing to the sovereign assertions vested in the government of the Indian Confederacy of Canada was seen as the best guarantee for preventing the absorption of what remained of British North America by the expansionistic United States.
The other contest which challenged the expansionistic aims of WKP came from the city of Nelson and John Houston, the peripatetic mayor, owner of the original plant on Cottonwood Falls and applicant on behalf of the City of Nelson for a license on the Upper Bonnington Falls across the river from the WKP #1 plant.
According to Dumont, while preserving more of a sense of holism, German collective identity was at the same time aggressively expansionistic because of the persistence in German thought of the idea of "universal sovereignty," which had in France and England been superseded by the concept of territorial nationality (said to be a modern concept).
The success of gambling opponents in turning back the tide on casino growth has led most of the big casino companies to focus their expansionistic designs in the now three major gambling hubs in the United States: Las Vegas, Atlantic City and the Mississippi Delta.
Twelve days into the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis, expansionistic ABC News President Roone Arledge lobbied the network's chief executive for temporary domain over the 11:30 p.
How can this comapny overcome these difficulties and face a well equiped expansionistic industry with a management totally unexperienced of bound enterprise?
But whether it was Napoleonic France or Hitler's Germany, threats to Russia have come from an expansionist -- from expansionistic dictatorships.
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