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the doctrine of expanding the territory or the economic influence of a country

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Expansionist efforts in China and Russia are spurring the spending growth, SIPRI says, while Saudi Arabia's increase may be because of worries over nearby Iran and Arab Spring uprisings.
Intellectual Expansionist Marketing and Advertising is creating new pages on their website to specify the immense online services they will be provide the area.
Addressing a National Guard new year's event, President Christofias pointed out the importance of the army, adding that the political and military leadership of the island should examine Turkey's policy and draw strategies that would be able to tackle Turkey's arrogance and expansionist policy.
They are a pretext, betraying its expansionist designs against Cyprus," Christofias said.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who uses radical ideology to serve his illegal expansionist goals on the Palestinian land, will create a new crisis, which will raise tension by rehousing some of the Israeli population on Palestinian land,' she said.
Al-Otaibi stressed that the Israeli persistence of constructing thousands of settlements and devastating Palestinian buildings highlight its expansionist intentions and contradicts with what it claims about its desire to resume the peace process.
A statement by Morocco's Foreign Ministry said that "the Kingdom of Morocco, whose Sovereign chairs the Al-Quds Committee, considers this illegal act as a new stage of the Israeli expansionist plans aiming to judaize the holy city (Al-Quds) and undermine its authentic monuments, in view of the historical symbolism of the targeted area.
Summary: BEIRUT: Hizbullah MP Hassan Fadlallah said Tuesday Israel 'was above international law' and occupied, under US sponsorship, Arab territories to serve its expansionist ambitions in the Middle East.
Ozawa, a former DPJ secretary general, is seen as a fiscal expansionist favoring more issuance of government bonds.
While acknowledging the country is still deeply in debt, I believe it was the expansionist policies of the previous UK Government that would have led to a sustainable economic recovery, not the path being proposed by the present administration.
We believe that in view of expansionist economic policies, especially the negative real interest rates of central banks in Israel and around the world, no recession is expected.
A statement issued by Arab League Secretary-General Amr Mousa on Tuesday said the latest settlement expansion order exposed Israel's real intentions from a settlement freeze and underscored its expansionist designs aimed to judaise Arab East Jerusalem.
Their love will be tested as the will of Satan has chosen their vacation destination for his latest expansionist efforts.
This condition is the true guarantee for the continuity of normalization avoiding the repetition of incidents where visitors to the Cairo International Book Fair assaulted the Israeli pavilion or set ablaze the Israeli flag as an expression of Egyptians' refusal to deal with an occupying country that is both racist and expansionist and which imprisons more than 11,000 Palestinians under terrible conditions as reported by international organizations.
If the RFL's board take the expansionist route, then the Crusaders can look forward to meeting the likes of St Helens and Wigan on a regular basis over the next three years.