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the doctrine of expanding the territory or the economic influence of a country

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Though this book offers a new look at the history of American expansionism through horticulture, its subtitle is misleading.
Based on its expansionism notion this doctrine seems more domineering dangerous and aggressive in the regional context which is likely to exert enormous pressure on Pakistan.
We have to decide whether we will allow the world to slip into the clutches of expansionism or touch new heights by pursuing development".
The menace, the expansionism he represents--I think it's a long-term menace," stated Harper.
The Turkish government's naive trust in the Iranian authorities and determined failure to see the dangers of Iranian cultural and ideological expansionism have always been an issue the political Islamists and apolitical faith-based movements of Turkey could not agree on.
Moore (University of Arizona) uses ideas from art history and cultural studies to examine narratives of progress, expansionism, masculinity, and American identity evident in the exhibits of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, held in San Francisco in 1915.
What it's about: Hoxie delves into 200 years of history to trace the political and social activism of American Indians who fought to protect their communities and lands from expansionism and pushed for the right to self-government.
Hopeton Hewett hopes to engrave intellectual expansionism into the hearts and minds of every one.
According to the report, hundreds of people are reported to have taken part in the protests on Sunday morning against what they see as Chinese aggression and expansionism.
Petersburg reoriented its expansionism toward the Balkans.
Khaled al-Ani, member of the Russian Committee for Supporting the Syrian People said Syria is the ''spearhead'' in the Arab struggle against the Zionist expansionism and imperialism, adding that Syria is an independent country and has always kept it doors open to the Arabs.
Competing Kingdoms presents fresh and wide-ranging scholarship on gender and mission, linking it to American cultural expansionism (1812-1960).
He added that for over almost two years, "Obama has clashed with Netanyahu who, on an ideological basis, rejects a settlement that leads to the establishment of a Palestinian state, at a time when the Israeli public opinion upholds a hard-line policy of aggression and expansionism.
There is little doubt that Japan is still obsessed with its expansionism.