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(computer) a socket in a microcomputer that will accept a plug-in circuit board

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In additions, Acnodes' RMC7212A offers 3 x PCI or PCIe full-size expansion slots with configurations.
In such cases, few customers will mind paying an incremental cost to have the technology built into every system they buy, rather than use an expansion slot or buy a mezzanine card.
Both models offer a choice between five PCI expansion slots or three PCI and three ISA slots.
3-GHz Pentium III processor-based 3045 has a 133-MHz system bus and up to 512-MB PC-133 SDRAM, two 10/100 Base-T Ethernet ports, and a PMC expansion slot.
It's important to determine how many ISA and PCI expansion slots your machine has.
Instead of ordinary expansion slots on the motherboard, the VL-Bus allows a direct-to-the-CPU connection that quickens video transmission.
6 32-bit PCI expansion slots to accommodate most industrial I/O cards.
And with 15 expansion slots that can be populated with virtually any combination of peripheral cards, a Celeron or dual Pentium III based System 4 offers a powerful, cost-effective solution that's tough to match.
The InfiniBand Architecture transitions system I/O from a handful of shared bus expansion slots to a flexible switched network design, enabling efficient, fast I/O at a distance.
An impact-resistant ABS shell with an aluminum chassis is said to ensure durability, and a SlideDoor panel protects the expansion slots and I/O ports.
Multiple SCSI host adapter cards can be added to a PC, limited only by the number of available expansion slots in it.
The SSG 20 is the first sub-$1000 modular security and networking device, delivering five fast Ethernet ports plus two expansion slots that support optional ADSL2+, T1, E1, ISDN BRI S/T and V.
Maximizing performance for the growing enterprise PDA marketplace, the Toshiba Pocket PC e570 features simultaneous use of dual integrated expansion slots for increased storage and connectivity.
I-brick: a base I/O module containing an 18GB system disk with a second drive bay for OS mirroring, a CD-ROM, five PCI expansion slots, a 10/100 Ethernet port, two USB ports, one 1394 port, and two SGI Xtown2 ports (1.