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(computer) a socket in a microcomputer that will accept a plug-in circuit board

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The SMART Pen Tray has been redesigned to hold ergonomic pens and an eraser, and it incorporates a newly designed help button and hardware expansion slot.
Fibre Channel connectivity support can be provided in three different form factors: embedded I/O controllers, on a "mezzanine" card on a blade server, or on a HBA in an industry-standard expansion slot.
Instead of ordinary expansion slots on the motherboard, the VL-Bus allows a direct-to-the-CPU connection that quickens video transmission.
Both handhelds feature the Springboard plug-and-play expansion slot.
C1001-L03: Intel 5000P chipset, 8 x DDR2 FB 667 memory, 6 x SATA II ports, PCI-E expansion slot
The ibook G4 models have one available memory expansion slot for main memory expansion and 128 MB of RAM soldered on the system logic board.
The system can be upgraded up to 384 Mb of main memory by installing 128 Mb low profile DIMM in the bottom memory expansion slot and 256 Mb high profile DIMM in the upper memory expansion slot.
Sleek Portable Player has Bright 4"Widescreen Display, SD/SDHC Memory Expansion Slot for Movies
today announced the LAN Master(TM) T8, an eight port 10BaseT hub with an expansion slot for bridging capabilities or connection to any type of Ethernet uplink.
Designed for the value-conscious consumer, the compact Sansa Express stands out amongst the competition as an affordably priced device with many high-end features, including a microSD([TM]) expansion slot, FM tuner, recording capabilities, data storage and a direct connection to a consumer's computer -- no USB cable required.
Providing the mobile user with additional flexibility, a CompactFlash II expansion slot offers a suite of productivity add-on devices such as Global Positioning System, bar code reader for inventory management, Wi-Fi (802.
The expansion slot adds additional storage capacity as well as portability of music to other devices.
Micronics' new M4P PCI system boards feature two 32-bit PCI expansion slots, one shared PCI/ISA expansion slot and five 16-bit ISA slots.
14, 1992 Performa 400 16-MHz 68030 microprocessor 4 MB RAM expandable to 10 MB 80 MB hard drive SuperDrive internal floppy One expansion slot Built-in video support (256 colors) Sound In/Out/Microphone Apple Keyboard II Enhanced System 7.