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(computer) a socket in a microcomputer that will accept a plug-in circuit board

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The postage stamp-sized cards fit neatly into the expansion card slot, and are the smallest and lightest way to expand the capabilities of any handheld.
QuickRing fulfills the need for a cost-effective way to physically connect multiple NuBus expansion cards.
The PC380/40C comes in a flexible, expandable deskside chassis that provides room for optional expansion cards, as well as internal and external peripheral devices.
9) Expansion card required for most MP3s and video.
The baseboard also includes four female expansion card connectors in individual 2x14 pin arrays, which also function as header test points.
The Palm Bluetooth Card plugs into the Palm Expansion Card Slot on a Palm handheld to provide Bluetooth functionaility to the device.
The expansion card slot will also accept Secure Digital input/output (SDIO) devices in addition to memory cards.
The 10GbE Unified Wire expansion card solution (CFFh) has been qualified by industry organization Blade.
Installing a 32-bit expansion card will automatically slow down the PCI-X bus speed to 33 MHz PCI mode, which causes a concern for the demanding customer.
Staff and students can also Internet-enable many Palm handhelds with an expansion card or universal connector add-on unit.
designed, commercially available, third party Expansion Card for wireless modems.
The Zire 71 handheld also allows users to listen to MP3s (requires an expansion card, sold separately), watch downloaded video clips and carry their personal photo albums wherever they go.
Dynamic Solutions International (DSI), a leading international provider of data storage solutions and comprehensive professional services for businesses and enterprises, today announced the availability of a new product - the DSI3020 PCIe solid state disk (SSD) storage expansion card.