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Synonyms for expansion

Synonyms for expansion

the act of increasing in dimensions, scope, or inclusiveness

a wide and open area, as of land, sky, or water

Synonyms for expansion

the act of increasing (something) in size or volume or quantity or scope

a function expressed as a sum or product of terms

a discussion that provides additional information

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Going forward, the two companies will continue to cooperate in future expansions of the DBNGP.
Professional services, including accounting, law, architecture and engineering as well as personnel services, posted the largest number of major expansions in 2005 with 52, up 11 from 2004.
Supernovas were 20 percent dimmer than expected if cosmic expansion had remained constant.
Be clear about the indicators you will use, along with a time frame, to decide if the expansion plan should be continued, reengineered, or suspended.
As a result, the research determined that the aluminum fill temperature must be closely controlled with these two systems to ensure against unbonded sand at the mold-metal interface and expansion defects.
Riocan Real Estate Investment Trust is waiting for approval from the city to go ahead with the expansion.
The HIFA guideline stipulates that states must adhere to "current-level Medicaid and SCHIP resources," while allowing broad expansions in those eligible.
Furthermore, say opponents, expansions come in the face of static demand.
The expansion will take place at the company's Kaiping production facility, which is a joint venture between AlliedSignal and China Kaiping Polyester Enterprise.
Development sprawl: Finally, ski area expansion can lead to strip development, "condo-sprawl," housing inflation and traffic congestion, posing economic, social and infrastructure problems.
As financial advisor, Mizuho Corporate Bank's role includes reviewing the financial aspects of the ACP's Master Plan and expansion proposal, providing strategic counsel on financing structures and strategies, and creating and implementing an integrated financial model, among other items.
The first milestone for the city's plans for the redevelopment of the West Side was reached this week when the state legislature passed legislation that clears the way for the expansion of the Jacob K.
Environmentalists attacked the city's plans to invest in its expansion, saying ratepayer dollars shouldn't be spent on high-pollution power sources.
The new results challenge the standard theory of cosmology, which holds that ever since the Big Bang, gravity's tug has slowed the expansion of the universe.