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Synonyms for expansible

capable of being extended or expanded

Synonyms for expansible

able to expand or be expanded

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(of gases) capable of expansion

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The surface wire ground system (SWGS) kit, MK-2551A/U, NSN 5820-01-263-1760, is a good system to use for the M934 expansible van.
When the strangulation occurs in external hernia, the hernia is tense, tender, and irreducible with no expansible impulse
0 expansible a cuatro puertos, puerto serial, puerto paralelo
Higher surface area made metabolites less accessible to decomposers, particularly in soils enriched in short-range-order (allophanic) minerals and in expansible layer silicates (Saggar et al.
Usually, shrink-swell phenomena are positively correlated with the content of expansible mineral (Franzmeier and Ross 1968; Karathanasis and Hajek 1985; Smith et al.
Despite early problems, the AVF became an effective fighting force expansible, when necessary, by no more than a partial mobilization.
En este sentido, ambos documentos delinean un mismo posicionamiento del espacio identitario propio (Espana o la Compania de Jesus) en tanto centro regulador y expansible hacia nuevas latitudes, entendidas como periferias.
Ideally, the Army would meet this challenge by adapting existing technologies mounted on mobile transport, similar to the expansible vans often used by mobile command groups.
ABC of clivus is a rapidly growing expansible lesion and requires immediate attention.
Construction of the WTP, which has been designed for an expansible capacity of 150 million ltr per day to meet any future demand, is expected to begin soon.
Without a stand-alone agreement on a cease-fire in South Kordofan and Blue Nile, and a firm guarantee of humanitarian access, the SPLA/M-N saw that any agreement that bundled these issues with a politically manipulated "National Dialogue" would be held hostage to Khartoum's infinitely expansible "stages, in this case the "7 + 7 Dialogue Mechanism.
Small lesions with minimal destruction or expansion of cortical bone can be treated with intralesional procedures with or without bone grafting; however, aggressive large-sized and expansible tumors should be treated through segmental or en bloc resection techniques and reconstruction with structural grafts [5].
Acceptance of the elastic nature of knowledge remains Ifa's abiding virtue, a lesson that is implanted in the Yoruba mind by the infinitely expansible of the gods themselves.
Digital goods are said to be non-rival, infinitely expansible, discrete, recombinant: they permit radical decentralization but also encourage geographically concentrated clusters and "corridors" based on face-to-face engagement and tacit knowledge.