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Synonyms for expansible

capable of being extended or expanded

Synonyms for expansible

able to expand or be expanded

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(of gases) capable of expansion

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Because of its high precision and the good expansibility, MERR_SVD++ is suitable for processing big data and can greatly improve the recommendation speed and validity by solving the latency problem of personalized recommendation and has wide application prospect in the field of internet information recommendation.
approaches to an upper limit with the increase of trees, therefore, RF has very good expansibility in case of unknown prediction.
The joint stock companies that are to enter the mandatory quotation are obligated to submit financial reports for the last two years, provide nominal capital in an amount of one million euro, at least one percent expansibility of the shares in the public and at least 50 shareholders.
Although this type of navigation system solves the issues, most existing systems have shown that information matching and keywords lead to incomplete outcomes and lack expansibility in knowledge representation.
Smectitic clays, such as bentonites, are the most widely used in peloid therapy, because of their high specific surface area, ion exchange properties, plasticity, expansibility, absorbing capacity and spreadability.
Derivation of an Expansibility Factor for the V-Cone Meter," Flow Measurement International Conference, Peebles, Scotland, UK, June 2001.
Continuously monitor the respiratory functions by using auscultation, percussion and respiratory frequency, thoracic expansibility, signs of dyspnea, oxygen saturation, arterial gasometric levels as well as the preservation of the cough reflex.
The engineers of GstarCAD will work harder to provide users a better access mode, support and expansibility as well as a more excellent CAD platform.
Therefore, the indoor positioning system presented in this paper had the advantage of high accuracy, low cost and easy expansibility, and it could be used to locate people and assets in the fields of logistics, healthcare, and manufacturing.
On the basis of the above research and the correlative principle, such as scientificity, comparability, comprehensiveness, operability and expansibility, and combining with the actual conditions of agriculture in China, the paper proposes the indicator system as follows.
All valid procedures for calculation of expansibility factor for natural gas (NX19 mod.
Expansibility and Openness: The system has friendly interface, optimized system structure and flexible database system in order that all kinds of function modules can operate and run independently to the utmost, and implements the maintenance and joins of such database as topographic map, present land-use map, Cadastral map etc.
where [alpha] is flow rate coefficient; s is expansibility coefficient; d is diameter of the tap; [rho] is air density; [DELTA]p is differential pressure.
In recent years, fiber-to-the-home has been built gradually, the use of cyclic AWG in any wavelength bands is paid attention to and studied for its expansibility.
The object-based Panasas storage solution totally turns things around by giving us the things we were looking for-high performance, expansibility, stability, dependability, and simplified management.