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Synonyms for expansible

capable of being extended or expanded

Synonyms for expansible

able to expand or be expanded

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(of gases) capable of expansion

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On the basis of the above research and the correlative principle, such as scientificity, comparability, comprehensiveness, operability and expansibility, and combining with the actual conditions of agriculture in China, the paper proposes the indicator system as follows.
All valid procedures for calculation of expansibility factor for natural gas (NX19 mod.
where [alpha] is flow rate coefficient; s is expansibility coefficient; d is diameter of the tap; [rho] is air density; [DELTA]p is differential pressure.
The object-based Panasas storage solution totally turns things around by giving us the things we were looking for-high performance, expansibility, stability, dependability, and simplified management.
The company turned its attention to the expansibility of mobile communication fields as soon as they appeared, setting mobile communication as the pillar of the businesses; it has contributed to the development of the current mobile computing making the best use of its knowledge and the experience accumulated over the long period of time.
On the other hand, InCloudRack distributed network of both flexibility and expansibility, can be redistributed in accordance with the load in a software-defined way.
As the telecommunication market, and especially the FTTH market, is booming in Spain, multi-media services are growing and data flows are multiplying, which is challenging the performance and expansibility of IP backbone networks and undermining user experience.
Hardware platform is the foundation of the whole system, its usability, reliability, expansibility and high-speed access is the most basic requirements.
2007) but rarely analysed scientifically, mostly because these investigations are rather recent and time is needed to make conclusions about sustainability and expansibility of any proposed model.
1,2,3-97 Standard used before 2008, which is related to the improvement of calculation technique for discharge coefficient of pressure differential device and for gas expansibility factor.
According to Flory theory [15], the expansibility of hydrogel depends on the infiltration pressure between the exterior and interior of the network.