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Synonyms for expand

spread (out)


expand on something


Synonyms for expand

to make or become more comprehensive or inclusive

to express at greater length or in greater detail

to move or arrange so as to cover a larger area

Synonyms for expand

extend in one or more directions

become larger in size or volume or quantity

make bigger or wider in size, volume, or quantity

grow vigorously

exaggerate or make bigger

expand the influence of

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Bell Atlantic and GTE, which merged to become Verizon in June 2000, agreed to expand local calling areas between contiguous telephone exchanges after the completion of their merger.
Expand Networks has experienced strong channel demand for Compass since the January launch coming from existing partners, which include Emergent Online and Dimension Data, as well as new ones joining the program such as Syscom (USA) Inc.
A new e-Learning program designed by on line training experts Q6 complements the hands-on training and personalized SE support that have been a standard part of Expand Networks' partner support and forms the backbone of the new certification program.
Having reasserted our leadership position with the Expand Compass Platform we are aggressively building out our global coverage model with the recruitment of a new breed of partner," said Christopher Williams, Chief Marketing Officer, Expand Networks, who also oversees Global Channels.
As an Expand Channel partner for more than four years, we are only interested in partnering with vendors who provide a full solution and dedication to working with us on a collaborative level.
Marine Corps in Horn of Africa Turns to Expand Networks for Satellite Communications
After looking at Expand Networks' performance data, making a decision for our project was quite clear," said a Marine Corps Systems Command Officer.
Expand Networks' HSWAN technology's ease of use during tests and resulting accelerated performance data were critical to the Marine Corps' key performance parameters of the communications system.
We are delighted to receive this top ranking in the 2005 Well Connected Awards," noted Zohar Pearl, CEO at Expand Networks.
Expand offers a complete framework that easily and automatically improves the performance of distributed enterprise applications.
Expand Networks is a leading provider of Application Traffic Management solutions for the branch office.
Expand Networks, Accelerator System 9000, Accelerator Server, Accelerator 6800 Series, Accelerator 4800 Series, Accelerator 4000 Series, Accelerator 1800 Series, HTTPS Accelerator Series and ExpandView are trademarks of Expand Networks.
Expanded dataset reporting expands the High Level Qualifier and application level reporting and analysis to simplify the IT professional's need to audit dataset summary reporting, as well as expanded reporting on HSM activity and HSM resource requirements.